A plan for the future.

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I don’t want to call it a “5 year plan” or anything like that. Giving it a time frame just sets it up for some negativity. But that is besides the point.

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about whats ahead of me. I have never been one for staying put too long. Even in my childhood home, we played musical bedrooms or I was constantly re-arranging. New places seem to inspire and excite me. Do not get me wrong, I absolutely love what I do and who I work with! But I feel down the line I will need a change.

I have always had a dream to either live a year or so on the road and/or on a house boat (traveling). I think it is time to set that plan into motion. I know its not going to be for awhile, but I know its something I feel passionately about. Not to the point that I have expressed it to many people, but that it has always been in the back of my mind. Reading blogs and watching videos of people who have taken the plunge are just getting me inspired!

There are going to be some obstacles of course as with any move or change in direction on one’s life path.

First of all. ME! If you know me, I am not so great with strangers and getting out there and so on… Social anxiety would be the proper term for this. I feel I have come a long way from where I was, but I know that might stop me here or there. I have time to work on this. And at a certain point, necessity could take over and take care of that for me.

Second. BILLS! frickin student loans. and other things that could pop up here or there. But. again, its a long term goal and it will be worked towards. I would have at least a loose game plan for income. Hopefully a small cushion. Worse comes to worse, its an extended vacation and I can always check back into the real world if needed. Although, I don’t want to say it quite like that, as that journey has potential to be more real that anything I have experienced yet. Living on the road has potential to help me save (depending on other factors as well ..) also.

Third. Deciding and Purchasing a set up. I would need a vehicle that has towing capabilities and a trailer. Or a Camper Van or whatever other options there could be. But I just need room for me and maybe a guest if I have any friends tag along. This section has a whole lot of research that needs to be done. Insurance, mechanical, licensing, ability to maneuver on my own. I feel as though maybe before THAT decision, I could take a couple months or a very short trip with just my fuel efficient car and a tent to get a feel for “the road”. But, I still want my car to have SOME trade in value. Or maybe I can just run it to the ground. We shall see. Thats a few years out yet.

Fourth. Safety. This is a big one. Especially if I am out on my own. I feel a few self defense courses and looking into firearm/weapon/mace laws are high on the list since I am a single female by myself. Or a pet. Maybe a big dog, although I am not much of a pet person :/

Fifth. Connectivity with the world. I want to be able to do my photography (in whatever form) so I would need to look into a portable set up and figure out phone/internet/gps etc.

Sixth. STUFF. I has a lot. I am preparing myself to start the process of cutting down on the possessions that I have. After moving, I know there are things I have not seen or thought about in a year, and that should help.

So… those are the big things that need to be faced in the time leading up to this journey. I am in no huge rush to get to the departure point, but the sooner I start, the closer it will be!

Then comes the fun part. Planning (or not planning!) the adventure. Where to go, who to visit, what to do, who’s coming with me etc… On my short (but growing list…) of things that I want to do: Visit the girls that I grew up with for a bit in Virginia (wherever they may be now..). I would love to visit every continental state and if possible, the other ones as well. I would like it to be a photography ‘challenge’ as well. Like, a collection of “Welcome to STATE” road signs or something. I would love to work on a flower farm. I would love to work or volunteer for a theatre company somewhere. I would like to hit up a couple festivals. Burning Man comes to mind. I would like to volunteer for places that are hit with tornadoes or hurricanes, physically doing *work* or after sticks and mortar are put back together, I could donate family portraits. I would love to visit some of our country’s visually stunning landmarks. Redwood Forest. A volcano. The Desert.

I feel like I am pretty set in the idea that I want to do this. Baring only extreme financial difficulties getting this going, the only other thing that could keep me from this is a relationship or having kids. Which… really doesn’t look like that’s in the cards anytime soon and if its not soon, then its not at all. Even then… that might not stop me. Who knows. For now, that is the game plan. It might take doing this, to get to that ‘milestone’ in my life. Either way, I am not worried.

I have no intention of making this a permanent gig, unless it really is THAT amazing. Which it totally could be. I want to think of it as Traveling and experiencing everything I can, while I can (otherwise known as LIVING!) and potentially window shopping for a permanent setup for down the line. I don’t know if I want to stay in the Midwest forever. Yes, being close to friends and family is great but I am still talking waaaaay down the line. So, don’t get upset about it yet. I still love you all!

And so … concludes the first installment of what I hope to be a great adventure.

Thanks for taking the time to read! Please share your thoughts!

Spring Cleaning!

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I am a little late getting this post up.. but better late than never!

I am going to work on a month long project for a spring cleaning sort of ‘event’. For every day in March, I will have a ‘Bag’ that I get rid of. Options include: Garbage. Recycle. Gifting. Donation. I want this to be fun and stress free… so I am not making hard and fast rules that I MUST abide by, but yet relaxed and open to interpretation.  It does not have to be an every day thing, as I am not always going to have time to do something every day, but so long as there are 31 bags of things that are no longer in my space at the end of the process I will have achieved my goal.

SO.  My first bag… well I took a phone picture and of course it is no longer saved. BUT I have pics of the contents all separate from each other.

12186_10101320326107839_1146696193_n 66928_10101294060399529_772321454_n 426156_10101297861641809_848677373_n 533143_10151256780976739_11230256_n

So I brought these finished products and Andrea’s Boppy in a big ole holiday target bag.  And with that, Bag #1 and 5 items done!

Then today I got ambitious and went through a tote:

2013-03-04_16-51-37_50 2013-03-04_18-12-26_843Before & After

And got rid of a BAG (#2) of Recyclables. 2013-03-04_19-38-47_979

I also found about 5 plastic bags of various sizes, Gallon or Sandwich. I emptied those and now I think I am going to use those as future bags for this challenge.


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Well. So, here we are, November 2012. Where has time gone?!

I am now living in Wisconsin. I am working with Lifetouch (and JCPennys Portraits) again and loving the day job. On the side I am working on my own photography and editing/printing/graphic skills.

Still always working on knitting and crocheting, but currently limiting my yarn intake, and not purchasing any additional unless it is part of a commissioned project!
Upcoming goals include preparing a physical portfolio for myself of printed work. I also hope to get some photography into ‘greeting card’ format to sell at craft fairs or what not.

I have begun a new 101 things to do in 1001 days 

Alright, now the fun part, here are some recently completed projects!

We have an Iowa Hawkeyes colored stocking cap, a T-Shirt Dress (for my niece Ellie), and a round ripple blanket for my new niece Lucy~

Thats all for now folks! Next time I hope to show what I created for my photography ‘branding’.

Have a great weekend!

At the end of 1001 days…

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1. Finish Blankets : Hunter Andrew, Jayde, Dani, Shay . Hunters is finished!! Just in time for christmas 2010 Andrews finished 6/16/2011

Ok, so I didnt finish all of those 5, but I did finish those two, as well as 3 others, just not for those people.

2. Finish Scrap Blankets ( 1/4) first one went to Stephen for Graduation 2/4 Tony’s graduation blanket

Made one more with the scraps from andrews graduation blanket.

3. Finish MY Scarf that grows up into a blanket by making many many homespun scarves. I dont seem to know where its hiding.
Still cant find it. One day I will and I will continue working on it.

4. Keep my plants alive.

Pretty sure they are still alive??? lol

5. Make a list of places I want to go and then visit at least one. Dont think I made a list, but Planning on going to Reno in July
Went to reno : ) but thats about all I accomplished

6. Participate in something like the 365 project (a picture a day)

Did not do :/

7. Karaoke in Milwaukee

Also, did not do…

8. Spend some time hanging out on the lakefront beaches or rocks. (5) It keeps happening. I dont think this will be a problem!


9. Get my friends from Iowa to get thier butts up here at least 2x. (1- aaron joe jess and jade were in town and hung out at the zoo, Dani Shay and the girls came up for Miley Cyrus concert/2)


10. Donate scarves (scrap blankets?) to a shelter.

Did not do, although I did give out a bunch.

11. Do something with the millions of plastic bags just hanging out in my cupboard. (3/21/09, Large Tote)(small tote)

12. Start up a rainy account or whatever that is… and put 5$ for each completed task.(0/505)

Meh.. didnt do
13. 10 photobooth pictures, with different people. (1/10)

Me and Andrew
Me and Andrew
Did not complete, but I do like the one I have

14.Visit Green Bay 4-4-09
15 Visit Madison  09-06-09
16.Visit Chicago  10-18/19-09  Wilco
3 wins
17. Watch 100 new to me movies (39/100)

Im sure I succeeded in this, just lost count
18. Improve sewing skillz. (Learned how to hem pants -3-22-09) (3-29-09- im a monkey tote)

Did some things, but I dont think my skills improved

19. Get involved in Theatre again. Telemarketing at the Rep. dosent count.
Did not happen 😦 sad face.

20. Get a fancy camera. Purchaced with my tax return in feb or march
Dont remember when I got it, but I work with a fancy Canon ❤

21. Get rid of 100 things. Not trash. (12/100)

Didnt continue counting, but Im sure that I got about halfway there
22. Start putting stuff up on ShutterStock
Lost interest

23. Learn to cable knit.

Attempted a few times, no complete projects to show for it
24. Learn French.
Thats on my life long bucket list. Might have to use a classroom for this

25. Get a tattoo, either the personal one that I have worked up, or the “let it be” one that I have in mind.All three of us got memorial tattoos for our mother on feb 7th
Yep, memorial tattoos, and mine have been finished
26. Thrift shop. (woot, 13c records which i will melt into bowls)(Halloween costume for 5$)
Did some thrifting for this christmas too.
27. Update Resume.

Still on my to do list…

28. Make a Portfolio of my work.

As is this…
29. Continue to win peoples choice contests at work ( 2 to complete task) (1/2) edited to update -event no longer occurs. But I just won one the other day… so there!!!
I think this reads as I completed??
30. Read 10 books. (1/10)

Major Fail…
31. Make Christmas stockings for at moms. supplies purchaced, started one…. Mom passed away, so this goal is postponed… altered… might not happen, especially as written 😦    </3
Havent revisited this in awhile. May not for a bit either… but I havent unraveled it or anything…
32. Teach mom to knit or crochet. she dosent want to… Cant really do that anymore anyways…

Again, cannot complete this one
33. Be more comfortable as a photographer at JCPennys. May not get the chance at pennys, but in general I feel as If I am falling into that title very nicely. …Hired at the PictureMe Portrait studio… same thing only different….
After working there for 2 years now, I would hope I am comfortable as a photographer lol.
34. Pick up a new hobby. Pool

That didnt really stick…. does Pinterest count lmao
35. Start a new Journal/Sketchbook. I have been making little 2×3 books that i carry around with me.

in one way or another this is completed

36. Road trip with no plan.

Havent had the opportunity
37. Be able to get my own GOOD car/van/truck

havent had to purchase a new vehicle… but the one I have suits me for now
38. Be well on my way to living in a space in which I can have an office/studio Moms new house will have just the space for a studio. I am verry excited. Not gonna happen at moms…  I have enough $ for a downpayment on a house!!! But my credit is so darn bad I wont get approved!

Working on it… if ‘on my way’ is the requirement for accomplishing this, then I am on my way! Talked to the CU and all…
39. Be a vegatarian for a month, 3x. (0/3)
um… yeah, forgot about this one

40. Reduce and phase out soda as primary source of liquid intake. Starting March 1st. exceptions would be mixed drinks and treats are allowed. (March 1-31. no soda. sips here and there rarely.) woot. 2-1-11 Cant remember the last time I really had soda, Its been almost a month without dark soda and a couple weeks without any~

I have always gone back and forth… almost time for another round, but there is soooo much already purchased…
41. Send the Little ones postcards (Faith, Jayde… ect… Emily once she understands what it is)

I moved back home and a postcard from across town isnt all that exciting lol
42. Go camping for real.

43. Let myself let go of certian things in the past that I can’t do anything about. And learn to move forward. (4-1-09) working on getting rid of my myspace acct. I did get rid of myspace. I feel SOOO much better. I got rid of the guy as well! lol. Dang it he keeps popping up… : ( Moved on… woohoo…
LOL I swear, girls and they way they talk about guys…. I tell ya. But yeah this person is no longer an issue.

44. Use my Yoga DVD that I only used once sometime last year.

Couldnt tell ya where It is..
45. Go ghost hunting.

hrm, still sounds like fun.
46. Go to KiteFest and fly an awesome kite. missed it. Dont think I will have a chance again. Might just plan my own kite fest for back in iowa! AHHH I found one, it was beautiful. Sept 13th

That WAS fun!
47. Go to a figure drawing session. Hey… I did this last tuesday!

I miss the artist crowd.

48. Spin my own yarn.

sigh… someday
49. Experiment in yarn choices… branch out to the pricy stuff. Bought pricy stuff… now just to work with it!

the pricy stuff is so much more … high maintenance… I like my medium to low to thrifted yarn options.
50. Update my computing. I want a mic,  a sound mixer and a video editing suite. (got a mic)

no clue where said mic is, nor have I updated any of that stuff. BUT I did update my photography editing stuff.
51. Make/get business cards. Got em in June!

52. Leave notes in random books. Bookstore or library.

Still sounds like a fun thing to do…
53. Have enough work in either photography or fiber work to have a gallery show.

Getting there, just need to have more time for myself.
54. Learn to ‘at home’ screen print.

Still on my list of things to try someday
55. Get back into a darkroom.

I can dream, right?
56. Do some origami. (0/10)

Really? I failed this one?
57. Go to the Domes in Milwaukee.

Dropped my sister off there for an event once… nah, I didnt think that counted either…
58. Go the the Milwaukee County Zoo. (5-10-09 with aaron and crew)

Good times.

59. minus 10
60. minus 20
61. minus 30
62. minus 40.
63. minus 50.

Dont know what the starting number was… so Idk..

64.  2 craft fairs (2/2) I wasnt personally there for both of them due to the day job, but my aunt and friend sold on my behalf at 2 different fairs

65. If the stuff dosen’t sell after the second fair, donate it!

kinda did… but not really
66. Get a passport. (not without a reason…)

yeah, without going anywhere… I dont see the purpose of actually getting one.
67. Work at SummerFest (any of the summer festivals) Applied 2-23-09 to work the festival grounds…. eep!) 4-10-09 Have an interview for upcoming monday!!! Interview was successful… I hadnt heard from them so I gave them a call today ((4-24-09) and they said that the letters were sent out on monday and that I was asked to work for them… If I dont have that letter by monday I should call and we will go from there. They didnt have my apt # on file… that might have been the issue. Paperwork is all signed…. Looking now for the orientation information.  All that I have left is to actually work it. Lets just hope they dont cancel it due to Swine Flu. That would suck! Orientated… start June 24th!Completed! It was alot of work.

LMAO, “hope they dont cancel due to swine flu???” sign of the times I guess.
68. Update my licence and plates to WI. (nah. No thanks…)

yeah, NO.
69. Try Skittles infused Vodka.

one day…
70. Host a theme party.

when I get a house..
71. Get a manicure. Got one at aveda awhile ago.

72. Work at gettin the hula hoop down. (up?)

where did I put it?
73. Do the photoshoot that Dani wanted me to take of her.

again, someday
74. See Fall Out Boy in May …(2-27-09.. fob in mke is sold out) and then at least one other concert (2/2) Didnt see them in may, but i will see them in AUG!!!!! with panic at the disco and blink 182 Saw them!!! it was awesome!!! Wilco in oct!

75. Get some magnetic poetry. Meghan got some, but i will supplement that sometime..

I still want, but not till i have somewhere to put them.
76. Take the train somewhere.

on my bucketlist.
77. Check out the Kettle Moraine area, camera in hand, in the fall.

just didnt happen
78. Make a thumb piano.

thanks for the reminder…
79. Tarot more than once a year. Check!

havent in awhile… but I should. usually i bring it out around the beginning of the year.
80. Make 10 mixed cds for 10 different people (1/10) (any takers?) Heather

Lost interest.
81. Make sidetables out of ‘vintage’ suitcases. Bought a suitcase

Dont have room at the moment, but its on my list
82. Put a funky color (blue?!) in my hair. (Complete!!! Blonde, then Purple and then Blue!!! ) and pink

I miss my fun colors.
83. Get a Blender (got one!)

no clue where its at now!
84. Send random care/gift packages to friends/family (0/5)

85. Do something with all the beads that I have.  Gave them to Skylar

86. Go on a picnic. Went with jack and emily mini picknic at eagle point ❤

: )
87. Arrange for the recycling thing at my apt. Moved, dont need to

88. Collect my change in my jar and when it is full, put into special ‘rainy day’ acct. Collecting! in a HUGE jar that my Grandpa Jack used to put the wine he made into

Not even half full yet, but im still filling it
89. Go to a pumpkin patch. kinda did… but didnt look at pumpkins….

went with faith and jayde when they came to mke
90. Play in the rain.

I dont recall
91. Clean/ organize room as many times as needed. (1)

It happens.
92. Make 4 scarves for the Knit your Bit campaign. (0/4)

not done
93. Improve Juggling ability.

what was i thinking. I must have been bored.
94.Read 5 books from the Banned list. http://title.forbiddenlibrary.com/ (0/5)

i dont have much time to read.
95. Finish moms shawl for mothers day. (Didnt finish for mothers day, but we werent home for mothers day… we will celebrate it at the end of may and I will have it done by then… )

did finish it, I think someday I will give it to jayde if I find it and its in good condition.

96. Go to a game of a relative (soccer, football, little league…) My cousins Michael and Ethan had a game I went to this past weekend (7-10-09)

should really do some more

97. Create and share 10 playlists that express certian emotions. (0/10)

lost interest

98. Get a new purse. Got 2, one from target, and one from a thrift store

was just adding things to my list i think…
99. Get a psychic reading. (not going by myself tho…)

on a list of things to do, I think meghan and I should go to one
100. Make a true blue new friend.  …. stephanie, Jade and Jessica are getting up there <3, KENZIE!!!

101. Make a new list for the next 1001 days.

my next task….



What I learned I believe is that life happens and things and situations change. You cant always do what you set out to do, but on your way to trying new and better things may come up!



Crafty Progress!

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So, Andrews graduation blanket is finished! Im also throwing in a couple images of other things… Enjoy the pics.

I have a feeling that I haven’t really mentioned here about little man Jackson. He was born about a month after my mom passed. He is my cousins son and his sister is Emily. We (my sister and I ) watch them for a day almost every week. Just wanted to take a quick moment and express how much I love them. Absolutely to pieces.

Also, Last September my sister also had her daughter~ Eleanor. Our first niece! She is amazing as well ❤ She is sideways in the picture… but you get the idea.

June is bustin’ out all over…

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Title taken from a musical I was part of in middle school… Carousel. Sigh.

So. The little brother graduated high school. I am ALMOST done with his blanket (2 more rows of edging). I finally got Tony his blanket a year later. Hoping to bulk up my ‘finished item’ stash so when winter comes around Ill be ready to particiapte in shows and fairs.

Still working to get my photography stuff up and going. I just dont really have a good time for myself to do that.  And that is leading me to think sooooooo many “what ifs” and “I wonder whats”. Working in a yarn shop would be just delightful. I wish I could go full time with my photography as portrait and art. I wish I could find an apartment so I have mental and physical space to do the above.

The end of the 101 in 1000 days is coming near. I know I will not complete everything, but im looking forward to what little bit I can squeeze in.

Highlights from the past couple months : Jackson turned 1! Andrews Graduation was kind of a big deal. Saw My Chemical Romance for a second time! Purchased tix to see them a 3rd time!  Going to see Motley Crue and Poison in Aug!  My siblings and myself all got memorial tattoos on Feb 7th. Meghans is completely done, Andrew and I have coloring yet to do on ours. Dont know when Im going to be able to do that.

Thats about enough for today.

Happy New Year!

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Alright. SO glad that 2010 is done with, but I am hesitant to label 2011 as anything better or worse. Obviously, I hope for the best… but I can anticipate many headaches.

My birthday is on friday. woot. 26! (not that exciting really) BUT my little brother turns 18 tomorrow!!!

Finally got through the BUSY season at work. Competely thrilled to be home more and able to spend some QT with my yarn and with all those people that I dearly missed while stuck in walmart. Dont get me wrong, I love my job, but I was there sooooo much!

In other news. Myself, Jade, Andrew and Skylar went to St. Louis, met up with Diana and went to a MyChemical Romance concert! So thrilling! Best night of my life! Jade almost got kicked out. We drank wayy too much and then crashed at our cousin’s place, conviently located in St. Louis.  Cross that off my bucket list ❤

Crafty news… make a neat bowl. Second one on its way

Ok. Now to finish putting my room back together. OH that reminds me… Im offically on the lookout for a home. Not apartment, but a house. All to myself! I get so excited thinking about it. All the possiblities and what I can do when I have SPACE!!!

Till next time kiddos…

Whats Goin’ On…

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So. Here I am … 25. Living at home. I have a job that has nothing to do with my degree. *but I do Love it. I have debt up the wazoo.

Where do I go from here?

That is my issue.

And… besides that feeling nagging me in the back of my mind. always. … I have recently been putting forth funds and efforts into my own photography. Mostly portraits for the time being.  I love it. I love having that time (however short or long that time is…) with the child or family. I love seeing them in my own way. I love the reaction to my work. It really is what I love to do. I have been working on getting props, clothing, backgrounds, lights and educating myself as I can on business and lighting.  Someday, everything will align, and I will be able to put ALL my efforts into this. I AM really excited. Ideally, the next step would be to acquire a space close to me (if not my own apartment or something) to use as a studio. I need somewhere to start collecting and storing my props and everything else. Everytime I drive down this particular road in town (Manufacturing Dr.) I see all the commercial spaces available and I cant stop daydreaming about what it would be like to be in one of those buildings… sigh. A girl can dream, right?

In other news… STILL waiting on the Death Certificate and such for my mom. This is getting ridiculous. There is no reason why it should take soooo long : (  It still isnt getting any easier. I watched a movie yesterday in theatres, and all I could think was how much mom would have liked it. My heart continues to break.  More often than not, I find myself replaying the events of that night.


I haven’t done much yarn work since then either. And I feel bad, because there were a few projects that I really wanted to start and finish, but I hadn’t had it in me. But.. I FINALLY made a yarn purchase. Maybe things will turn around as far as that goes.

Thanks for reading : )

Goodnight loves~

Rest In Peace

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My Mom died in our home on Friday April 23, 2010.  A very significant event all of my family’s lives.


short stuff

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Ok. So the whole updating with a creation everyday didnt work out so well….  Last week was kind of a doozy for me.

But I have been working on some things. Ive got a baby blanket almost ready for Charlie!

Im trying to get some other changes going on around here.. but we’ll see. I cant wait for it to start warming up so I can take advantage of my spaces that are too cold currently to use.

I guess thats all for today… Ill be around…