10 anon. comments thing

Posted: August 16, 2005 in Uncategorized
10 anon. comments thing, I already had as a bulletin

I spent so much time on this i cant just let it dissappear into nothingness

(got this from livejournal, but i wanted to put it over here)

Make 10 anonymous comments to people on your friends list.
It would be fun if people tried to guess who is being talked about. If you think one of these is you then leave a comment or message with the number.

1. You are one of my favorite people in the whole universe, Got that UNIVERSE! I miss you sooooooooo much. Going from seeing you everyday to less than once a month has been terrible. Not life threatening, but still terrible ya know. I haven’t known you very long at all, but every moment I spent with you was awesome. I am so lucky and thankful you are my friend. My world would be much less fun and exciting without you. You are a very talented person and I really do admire you. You are soo funny and fun to be around. Every other thing reminds me of you. Especially dinosaurs. And movies, and noodles and fuzzy navels, the color green, and mac’n’cheese, and randomly hearing the carmen theme on the classical station… and the list goes on…. and makes missing you worse. I hope never to lose you. Never never never. We had such great adventures, even if they really werent all that exciting.

2. You are always there for me. You have been there through the tough roomates (circa first semester), The late night … uhhh lounge stuff, early morning “insomniac theater”. You were kinda like the bridge to a hand full of friends I have now, you were friends with them and I was allowed to hang out… You are a talented person, and don’t ever deny yourself that! I love how carefree and easy going you are. Honestly, who cares if the sun is up, sleep is good! I am glad that you were part of sidetrack this year. And I feel confident that you will be a good leader in the years to come for the affectionately called- little’ens ( I think that is what we called them).

3. You are one of my favorite people to hug. Seeing you always brighted my day. And always will. You are confident with youself and that is a wonderful quality to have. You are a great friend. You are really dedicated and it always seems like you are going out of your way to make people happy and I hope that everyone else and the people that you do that for know and appreciate you like I do! I love having you at parties. Good times, good times. I hope to visit and see you soon!

4. You are now far away from me and I have joined you in the ex-miad-ers club. You are an amazing person and it was so fun in the dorms. You are sooo unique and I looked up to you (no, not just because I’m short..) and your photo knowledge and talent. I missed you in the darkroom… It was pretty tough putting up with mike and larry without you…

5. You are the only one on this list from my elem and hs years so that is pretty much a dead giveaway. I love you so much and will never forget about you. yeah, we grew apart, we had our differences ( 7th grade, my fault, sorry). You are so cool and besides maybe one other, you are my only friend that I really really care about from those “good ole days”. I always seemed to dislike your taste in music, but ya know after awhile most of them stuck with me. (not all ..) you were a very influential part of my school years. Im trying sooo hard to reference a song right now, but I cant think of anything as of now, but thats your job….

6. Ahh drunken ramblings, smoking room, booty chest, thats only the beginning… You, too, are an amazing person and I really admire you. First of all, for knowing (or at least seeming to know) who you are and not really caring what others think. You have a confidence about you that I could only hope to have some day. You have always been there for myself and others and I hope you know that it is really appreciated. AND you ARE a talented artist. My sister really liked the one by the closet in the front room. Which leads me to say that you are a great hostess. You have opened your home for parties that are so much more fun than the typical college party, and for myself when I visit and it is really great of you to do that. oh and I admire you for knowing what you want and going for it as well, even if that means changing directions and taking another path. Well, we know what the beginning was like, I hope not to know what the end is like for a long long time…..

7. I really dont know you all that well. I wish I did. I think I may have taken it for granted that you were around, but now time has kinda run out. You have always looked out for me when it comes to scary parts in movies and I thank you… lol… You are a multi-talented person. Your art (from what I have seen) is amazing. When you love something, as grotesque and slimey as it may be, you are really passionate about it and that excitement is contageous. I miss you and my guitar misses you. You are a great person…

8. You… I shake my head at you (with a smile on of course). You had to be at least kinda/sorta as innocent as me (in some ways ) when school started, but we have both been on the path of the corrupt… (no blame, as I am guilty as well) Im sad that I dont get to see you as much and that I wont be working with you. You helped make work fun… well fun-er. I miss you soo much! You are such a unique person and I think you are very talented as well!

9. I dont know where to start, or even if I should. I honestly dont know what to think of you anymore. I dont know what drew me to you in the first place. It was probably the older, wiser, mysterious, risky, magical nature of you. You were a great person and I learned a lot from you. You helped corrupt me, prevented me from using a makeshift pen instrument for my first attempt instead of the proper tool for well, corrupt purposes (no its not really corrupt, but who dosent like it when they corrupt someone? ) I really don’t know you well at all. I thought I knew a little, but Im not sure anymore. I dont think I ever will. But thats probably my fault. Its never been easy for me to talk to you. I am jealous of everyone who has and will be close to you. I dont know why, but I just am. I am proud of you and your endevours at this time, It seems like there are quite a few of them, and it takes talent and strength to handle it. Good luck, …..and I hope you did’t get the wrong impression.

10. Last but not least, you are such a kid at heart and that is very inspiring. Your energy is infectious and I love it. I am so glad that I was able to meet you and be part of a creative and expressive group of people that kinda acted — heh, ‘acted’– as a family away from home among other things. You are an amazing person. You have given so much of yourself to others, I am glad to see you getting more into your art and focusing on what makes YOU happy.

11 ( Ok, this is really last but not least, I had to make an exception) You are one of the greatest people in the whole world. You are a beam of sunshine even on your gloomy days. You are so comforting and caring its amazing. You have so much energy and love for everything its mind-boggling. We have spent many a night doin’ the girl talk thing and no matter what I had to talk about you would listen. Those nights with the shopping cart, and then the eggs, unforgettable.I think you were the only one I could really really open up and just say things without it sounding formally rehearsed, or trying to make it sound like everything was ok. I love you to pieces and wish you all the best in everything you do!

whew, took me over an hour to get all this together. They are a little bit longer than I had intended, meh. I apoligize (well, not really) if its too sappy or ‘fuzzy’. But thats just me for ya, isn’t it?


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