first day back to school

Posted: August 26, 2005 in Uncategorized

first day back to school

It sucked just like i thought it would. But it wasnt too bad. I saw some (less than 3) familiar faces that made me happy. I have 2 classes (all of my night classes) with someone i know and get along with, so that is good. First I had sociology. it was in a room kinda like the screening room at miad, typical lecture hall. maybe for 50-60 students tops, but there are only 25 ish in my class. I think this is the class i may dislike the most because of presentation requirements. There is only one group presentation, but its still scary. The teacher has glasses that are at least half an inch thick, no kidding and her eyes look huge because of it. Its kinda cute in the awww look theres an old person kinda way… then I had Lit. The teacher talked forever. He lives in Madison. There is a possibility of our class going to spring green, wi to see a play, shakespeare, by APT. theeeen I went to play with emily like i will be doing every school day from now on at 2pm. I had class again – astronomy – at 6 30 where i found my friend nicole. That teacher is such a nerd in EVERY sense of the word. But he knows his stuff and makes the class kinda (emphasis on kinda) amusing. then today I had math at 1140 and got out at 1120 instead of 1140, so that was nice. 1+2=3 was honestly on the board at some point. Kinda made me feel like i was in stupid class but oh well. I saw 2 ppl i knew from hs/ms. That teacher seemed really nice. All i have left to experience is my computer class on tuesday.

Overall it wasnt as bad as it could have been. I was afraid I would get sad and cry, but nope. I was strong and tried to make the most of it. Now i have to go and get all my homework figured out. I think i have stuff due monday…

anyways, I hope to see most of you soon when I visit milwaukee!

as always,

Amy Jo


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