Posted: September 23, 2005 in Uncategorized

ok, so first of all, my grandpa peters is still not doing well and we are just waiting… I hate to say it that way, but its true, there is nothing else you can do as someone is dying.

Second of all, my bracelet that i fondly refered to as my milwaukee bracelet that i crocheted out of itty bitty string that was colorful and all my friends were represented… broke! I wore it all summer and today at 2 40 it fell off. 😦 i was sad

THEN … i just got a call, my other grandpa, grandpa leonard, was at home my mom who is usually there b/c she lives there was not there. My sister was supposed to go and check on him, to make sure he got up from his nap. She goes in and finds him i think sitting up, saying how he dosent feel good and he thinks he might have a heart attack, so my 17yr old sister and 12yr old brother are there dealing with this… my sister calls the ambulance. My aunt marcia who has no idea whats going on is driving by the firestation or whatever when an ambulance pulls out and has a bad feeling so she follows it and it turns out its going to my grandpa’s. So, hes at the hospital now and my parentals are coming home for a short while…..

ugh drama, tragedy, can it get any better?


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