lots of stuff goin on these days.

Posted: September 30, 2005 in Uncategorized

lots of stuff goin on these days.

So yeah, My grandpa passed away last week, earlier this week was the funeral proceedings and all. Besides the whole ‘funeral’ part, I quite enjoyed myself. I am happy that he is not suffering anymore. I got to see all of the Fitz’s who i dont usually esp my ‘uncle’ Johnny, who is closer to my age than some of my cousins. Also I got to see and chat with all my cousins that I dont usually see. I have always been in the middle, too young for their group, and too old for the younger ones, but now I have offically been accepted within the older cousins… well kind of.  I think i may have to be 21 to actually do that… but i hung out with them rather than the 14 and unders this time. What a relief. oh and i have an open invite to texas! I dont know if i will ever take her up on that, but we’ll see.

hmm what else. Ok dont laugh…. I am going to see ashlee simpson in chicago on oct 5th. That will be fun. And tomorrow i am going to see the Rocky Horror picture show…. and then maybe again closer to halloween.

Ok thats all for now. I will talk about the shows when it comes time for it…

lots of love!
Amy Jo


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