Posted: October 9, 2005 in Uncategorized


sigh. i am sooo happy that it is finally fall-like outside. I LOVE IT! its my favoite time of the year. i cant wait for orange and red trees and lovely sunsets… hmmm  that is happiness to me.

so this past wedensday, my friend mark and i went to chicago to see Ashlee Simpson at the Metro. It was good. Half the fun was getting there and back. It was the first concert we had seen together since i think sophmore year. and that concert just happened to be… Jessica simpson’s Dreamchaser tour when ashlee happened to be a dancer for her. strange. Anyways, we HAD good spots on the balcony right in the middle… then i had to go to the ladies room and I lost my spot… sorta… there was the B*tch A** Ho* who totally diregarded the obvious signals that me and mark were there together and he wanted me up there with him… but thankfully that was only during the opening act, which they then proceeded downstairs. I then got my spot behind mark. Which he was kind enough to check in every now and then to see if I could see. Which every now and then i couldnt because im short and things like that happen to me. BUt i didnt mind. He is definately more of a fan than me AND he had the camera so I didnt mind at all. Then this nasty mom was being pushy and squeezing her kid in next to him and then he was all squished like with this 12 yr old’s foofy hair all up in his space. Ugh some people. Anyways, I did have a good time and i did see most of it! and thats that. he has a myspace profile and a blog that has the photos… um.. on my top 8 hes the first one…

other than that… water is my new best friend whether i like it or not and salt is my enemy. So there.

um yeah…

thats about it for now…

lotsa love
Amy Jo


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