such fun

Posted: November 1, 2005 in Uncategorized

such fun

So i would like to say that this past weekend was quite successful! I guess i gave away just the right clue and Diana had a suspicion, but thats ok! I also couldnt get a hold of jonathan forever so i had to call and flat out tell him what was going on so i would be sure to see him. Sabrina was the only one (and Jes and Ryan) who really knew.

Anyways, the party was wonderful and i was overwhelmed by the reaction i got when i walked in. I felt very loved! thanks guys! It was just too fun to find just the right words. Although i do wish i had spent more time with some of you, the time spent with others was well spent and i love it! It was one of the best parties i have been too. Except the whole wax incident. You will be happy to know it was all out of my hair by the next day, but i have yet to figure out how to get it out of my sweater…. hrm. I havent been that tipsy for quite some time and it was wonderful! Everybody looked nice and the atmosphere was really good.. ok now its starting to sound like a crit…

anyways … the next day i hung out with sarah alberti and that was fun too. Then i began my journey home. I swear, seeing all of you people gets me high.. because coming off of it is terrible. I was teary eyed for a good portion of the ride… i could barely listen to music without getting choked up and not listening just gave my thoughts free domain. Thats just how much i love you all! everyone! ok, so now that you see how much of a sap i am, im going to hide now…

miss ya
Amy Jo


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