subtle undertones

Posted: November 13, 2005 in Uncategorized

subtle undertones

so i was parusing the internet and i came upon a site, that has a bunch of information and links and seeing that has gotten me excited again. Im contemplating starting to write a “script” or at least a story and backstory to a character. unfortunately i dont know much about life. all i know is what i have experienced and although it affects me very much, i just dont think that the world (or whatever audience) would be interested. So. I must draw from what i do know and i know a variety of personlities. I have a feeling that no matter what i do, i will be taking bits and pieces from the people i know and love, i guess those that i dont love too, to create a single person, or a handful of characters to inhabit a world that i may create. It seems a daunting task, but filmmakers are storytellers and they need something to be passionate about. they need something to say. so that being said, if ever in life you find anything of mine to resemble,subtle or not, you or people you know, dont be surprised.

after saying that, we all know that it will never happen, like all of my other ideas, but just in case, giving myself the benefit of the doubt… i came upon this quote from a director on’s ask a filmmaker section .”It breaks my heart sometimes to see so many young (and older) people trying to become directors who might be so much happier in other walks of life. This job requires the tenacity of a pit bull, the strength of a gorilla, the skin of an armadillo, the determination of shark, and the survival instincts of a cockroach. If you want to go for it, you better have the right stuff. ” kinda makes me rethink everything but i dont want to do anything else. maybe not directing, but something else in that arena is where i want to be.

hmm I saw RENT a week or 2 ago. I enjoyed it. but i think primarily those who enjoy theater will enjoy rent. Mostly because the whole structure, scene transitions etc… are definatley related to the script as meant for stage. It felt soooo long. But I liked it a lot. Good story, good setting, good direction. Good soundtrack! very enjoyable. I also saw Chronicles of Narnia. It was wonderful. Fantasy films always get me. I love the whole winter setting and the lovely world that has been created. Im not sure whether i appreciate knowing about the religious undertones before hand or not. I liked finding them and understanding them (although there is controversy over the intention of them being there and if that is what these actions mean). But on the other hand i would have liked to see it without that knowledge. to be able to pick out these things for myself, to see if they made themselves evident without the publicity. Oh well. It dosent matter all that much to me.

I just finished my sociology test just before writing this. 2 classes down, 3 to go. math, astro and lit. i cant wait.

Anyways, my thoughts are with all of you as you, too, prepare and take your finals!!!

~Amy Jo


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