dreams are crazy man

Posted: November 28, 2005 in Uncategorized
dreams are crazy man

oh goodness. I had a dream that lead to an idea that might work out for a movie idea. one of the catchlines actually mentioned in the dream was “the only other person who knew about it was the president of the united states.” and it would be set at sea during pre vietnam, post ww2, but the thing that “happened” happened in the 40’s and is now being explored more by this guy, i believe his name is Edwardo ( dosent look right). One night after losing his wife and daughter, he is sitting on the beach, intoxicated and he makes a makeshift boat thing and sets off to sea. Not getting very far before becoming spooked. (thats when i woke up) But it is a very nice seed that has been planted and i would like to discover this world. Its quite exciting. It would be a sci fi psycological thriller.  or at least it will remain so in my mind.
another dream i had last night, terrible really, i was with family and strangers waiting outside what seemed to be a hospital or nursing home. People i knew were going in another way (my uncle tom and my mom… who had made pankcakes…) and then when they were gone, i heard shrieking and yelling from within the building. I looked to my left and this elderly lady landed on the ground, just feet away from me. There were people between me and this lady, but it was still strange and real.
other than that, thanksgiving was ok and i enjoyed my break. didnt get anything done tho. oh well. So my sister who quit basketball because of a number of reasons got a call from the jv coach begging her, guilting her into playing again, so shes back on the team. AND i guess she was kinda seeing a guy, but obviously not bf/gf, and out of nowhere he has a girlfriend. Thats ok. I wasnt ready for her to have one anyways. whew.
well that all for now folks.
Love ya


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