Milwaukee and how it went

Posted: January 21, 2006 in Uncategorized

Milwaukee and how it went

So this is my milwaukee vacation: A little bit more strees than i would have liked, but i was absolutely overjoyed to see everyone!

Thursday: All ready to go in the morning to pick up Jennifer from the airport in milwaukee, I go to start my car and it doesnt start. WTF! Ok, i go to walmart replace the battery and start on my merry way. I get to milwaukee and I go to Jonathans! yay! He gave me a little something for my birthday ( I love it!) and i gave Jennifer the scarf I made her. We go grocery shopping for what seems like forever… I saw Shawna at the huge pick’n’save… eek. I bought my first bottle of alcohol and was carded, excitement!! We go back to Jons and put the stuff away and then went to have lunch at Noodles and Company (important moment!)! Then I think we went to the oriental and saw Brokeback Mountian (may review this later). Beforehand, We got chased by a crazy and a nice guy who worked at a jewlery shop saved us! So we got back to Jons place and then I heard from sabrina. I was going to stop off at a bar with her and Jennifer was going to go hang out with the other John. So we drive to the gas station and then come back. We get out of my car i lock it and then freeze asking the question : ” Did I just lock my keys in the car!?” which the answer is YES! ugh. so im freaking out and this totally put a damper on my mood by now. First sabrina call the police to see if they can do anything. then Natalies brother trys to help hanger it. that dosent work. then we call a locksmith who takes care of it in less than 10 seconds. $65, what stress. So then after about 10:00, 10:30, Jon and I go to meet up with Sabrina at Mo’s Irish pub (my first legal milwaukee bar) but they didnt card and Jonathan got in too, so we have some drinks there and Im just not in the mood… but i drink anyways. then we needed to go capture Jennifer from another bar, we go there and while we are trying to find jennifer i get convinced to take another shot. I think it was whiskey, it was a huge shot, i could barely take half of it with out regurgatating from the taste. so. thats where my night ended and we headed back. I think we just crashed, if not we watched a movie. What a long day!

Friday: Watched my creepy strange version of Snow White. Had french toast for breakfast. Went to go see Lydia at work, Holly and Jason at work and then eventually off to the mall to watch a double feature: Hostel (can we say boob a thon) and Last Holiday (which was good). We then looked all over milwaukee for the movie ‘Undead’ yay for Zombie fish! We ate at (insert resturant name here) i cant remember, it began with a P, maybe Panderosa… yeah i think thats it. Um, we came back to Jons after visiting circut city and best buy and others.. THEN i get a call from jackie who had a friend in trouble and needed a ride and me being who i am said yes. So, we made a little roadtrip and then got back and continued drinking and watched Undead.

Saturday: played video games, mario party and racing, in the morning until it was time for me to leave to head over to Diana’s for the passion party. There were only 4 of us there and it was fun. I got a penis cake for my birthday, sweet. So there was some spiked punch and it was yummy and it had fruit in it and that was yummy too. yummy meaning full of alcohol.. After the party, boys were allowed to come over and they did. Jon and Jennifer came over as well as Billy, John and Mike?… we pretty much just chilled and played games. We had to go to pizza shuttle before Jon would start drinking, so we did that and that walk was one of my favorites ever! obscene jokes and innuendos left and right. AND there was this person i thought looked like a guy i knew and i told jon. we were laughing a little about it and then as we draw closer to this person, it is obviously not a male. We about die, or at least I did. We chilled outside for a moment and then we watched a movie (lol at the movie.. i cant believe i watched it, not that it was bad, ok you have to admit, it was a bad movie.. definately not about plot! it was fun though)Anyways. I stay the night at Dianas.

Sunday: I wake up and chill at Dianas until they get up.Diana made some lovely pancakes. Diana and I go for a nice walk. then we come back and decide to play Uno! We invite Jonathan over and he plays too. I think we got our drink on again, at least Jon and I did. only because there wasnt that much left. We play until it got dark and then we went over to the movie rental place which is all strange because like half of the store is no longer in use. whatever. so i cant get ahold of sabrina right away so I go back to Jons (they live in same building) and watch another movie ‘Stage Beauty’. I really liked this movie. And after that I go over to sabrinas and we hang out there. She got me a little birthday book. We meet up with Aleks and others at a resturant .. Omega… and after a wrong turn we eventually get there. Then we all go back to Sabrinas and drink and whatnot.

either sunday or monday i got a call from Meghan saying that grandpa had a stroke and was air lifted to Iowa City for thier stroke team.

Monday.. I get up and watch a lifetime movie about a bulimic girl. Then I hear from Jes and she will be there eventually. Sabrina wakes up and watches the movie with me. I dont know what sabrina was doing, but Jes and I went shopping for her groceries and then came back. Um. I cant seem to remember what we did during the day, but at night we (I) invited Lydia Jonathan and Caleb over, oh and Jennifer eventually found out how to get to us, random grouping of people, but ok. anyways, we made margaritas (they were so so so good). First it looked like a computer party because of all the laptops. so we listened to music and drank margaritas… Caleb played the most perfect song for me ever. The Velvet Undergroud version of Satellite of Love. For those of you who know me, ie Mark, you know how much that song is sooo mine! anyways, then we played Scattergories and i was on Jonathan’s team. I know we had fun with it. I dont know who won… Andrew called me in the midst of all this and that was neat. then Those who were going back to the dorms left and the remaining 4 played scattergories again. Ryan L. and Mario came over, and then eventually Jon left. I stepped outside for a moment and then returned to dislike the comedy channel that was on and i therefore directed sabrina to change it and we landed on law and order. I am half asleep by now and I grab something to eat so i dont die and then i head to bed. Apparently I hummed in my sleep. I know i do this occasionally, because it usually wakes me up, but sabrina told me in the morning that i kept humming. im laughing at myself. At least I dont snore! um one of these days i stopped over to the main dorms and visited lydia too. and she gave me a present that was oh so cute. a little stuffed cow that was yellow and fuzzy.

Tuesday: Miad’s first day of classes. The girls head to morning class and i sleep in a little. Then i head over to miad and hang out at the Union. I see lots of people, Heather, Megan, among others, and eventually I find Joan and give her the awesome blanket that I have been working on for along time. I love it and she loves it. I give Aubris her scarf too. I meet up with Jon for lunch and when i say goodbye to him the waterworks kicked in. I dont know why, but he gets the waterworks all the time. Anyways then I get a hold of Colin D, and we make plans and then Jennifer and I get her all ready to go. We go over and check out his new place with Charlie. And then I head out to take Jennifer to the Airport. This is where the shitith hitith the fan. I go all the way around the airport and then we find the entrance. I take a wrong turn within the airport and have to go around inside again. I get her dropped of and I head on my merry way. I take a wrong turn again. South on 94 towards chicago. I realize this and exit so i can get on track the other way. i miss the lane to get back on the hwy, so i go and get some gas. I fill up and then return to my car. IT WONT START! I dont think i have ever cried so hard. I really had no idea where i was. I knew well enought to direct someone there generally, but not exactly. Anyways im there for what seems like hours, calling everyone i know because im in panic mode, then…. my phone battery starts to die. I eventually get ahold of heather who sends tara to my resuce. mind you i did talk to strangers and tried to get someone to jump my car but the guy who did was in a hurry and wouldnt let it run while connected long enough for it to keep a charge. So Tara jumped my car and i got back to miad ok. One extra night in milwaukee… ok ill go for that. So I hang out in the union, watched some television there. and then I decied i wanted to go back to sabrinas because i kinda just wanted to numb my mind if you know what i mean and that was not going to be done in the dorms. So thank you very much to heather I owe ya one and im sorry i didnt stay with you : ( so I went to Sabrinas and stayed there, Caroline was there too.

Wed: So I had to get up early to go see if i could start and move my car from the miad visitor lot that it was in. It wouldnt. so i got permission to stay for a little while longer. I had planned to meet up with Aubris(omg I got to see Jordan! squee!) and she would help me take care of my car. SO we jumped it again and got it to sears auto shop… and then it would not take a charge at all just for us to get it to thier garage. So initally it would just be a battery change but it turns out (thank God) that it was just a loose wire that wasnt connecting the battery to something it needed to be connected to. So instead of 80some dollars for a battery change, it was just 13something for service. whew. so i headed back to sabrinas because i still had her keys and then i met up with and said goodbye to her and was on my way home.

so thats about it. there are definately little moments throughtout that im not going to mention because they mostly mean the most to me and you could care less if i thought i saw someone or that it made me happy i saw you every day. So yeah. I had a great time, minus the really bad car stuff. Thank you to everyone who made it possible.

Love always
Amy Jo


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