general updates

Posted: March 17, 2006 in Uncategorized

general updates

Happy st patricks day everyone i hope you enjoy the day.

So I sent off my application to UofI as well as my transcripts and they have recieved them… so I am just waiting an acceptance (or denial). My biggest concern is housing. I need to stay in the dorms the first year there, for numerous reasons (social, location, funds) and i just hope they have a spot for me. and a good spot at that. I dont mind roomates, im rather easygoing in that sector, i just want a good room with a good location with good people to surround myself with. I have had a lack of interaction on a daily basis with people since i got home (aside from the anon. existance at school and then the stuff at home… ). So I am really looking forward to that.

I think I may be going out tonight to Lyons Tap, which btw, my grandparents, before they retired from it and before the died (RIP), owned and operated. Im hoping those plans go through, I havent been there since i was little (but old enought to remember)

Any how… Nothing else much is new. same ol same ol. I heard from Joan yesterday, that was nice..

Ok im done talking now…. much love >kisses<       * amy jo


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