Scariest Dream I Have Ever Had

Posted: April 7, 2006 in Uncategorized

Scariest Dream I Have Ever Had

Last night I had a dream that truly terrified me. I had to go out and watch tv at 230 in the morning to keep my mind off of it. (thats ok … TAKEN was on and i hadnt seen that in forever) First of all a lot of people i knew were there. 2 I remember actually knowing were Jes and Ivan … but I only saw them. A bunch of us ..(30ish ppl) were led upstairs in a building and led out into a white hallway. We were bound to the wall, facing it … our arms tied … kind of hard to explain … but we were all finding our spots and some people were darn excited about it or couldnt care less, but i was terrified, i was crying and telling people how scared i was, but they didnt care. so we were all in our place. Then a long train of people … mutants … strong angry scary looking like they could really hurt you baaad kind of people … like right out of a movie. They went down the hall way and to the end. I think Ivan was on the far end and Jes was one or 2 people away from me. I think the most of the people were there under the impression that we were going to look and gawk at these people. I dont know why i was there. but we were released and I started saying I have a bad feeling about this. Those of us closest to the entrance end went into the elevator and found out it wasnt working. I was freaking out on the inside. I tried the stairwell door. It was locked. I heard some commotion on the inside (thank god i didnt see any of what i thought might be happening) I think I kicked the stairwell door and eventually got it open. Then we started to go down the stairs. I believe the ‘monsters’ were let loose and would come after us. I was on the stairs when I woke up… soo scary. AND earlier that night i had had a dream that my friend shay was tryign to go down the stairs on one of those slides that are really high and she fell and we all thought she had died and we started to leave her and then i went back to check and she was OK. sooo strange. Thats only some of the dreams from that night. I think there was one that involved visiting Jonathan (diana was there too , prolly heather as well) and I was accepted to a program dedicated to the study of Harry Potter stuff. (which i would never do …)

Oh man…


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