nothing special/nothing specific

Posted: May 11, 2006 in Uncategorized

nothing special

I cant remember for sure, but i think this may be the anniversary of my grandmothers death, 2002 i think it was, maybe 2001.

Today I had to go set up a Life Insurance Policy. Strange thing. Wasnt that bad, but I was totally unprepared for some of the questions, like, I dont know when my last doctor visit was and what for, I dont remember some of the things in the past 5 years, I dont know what my parents medical history is… geez. Luckily most of the answere were a simple ‘no’ and that the agent was a friend/family. I had to pick beneficiaries. And I think a nurse has to come to my house and preform tests on me. I absolutely HATE having my blood drawn and i know that it will be. Im not happy about that. And all of this while i am worrying about finals week. urgh.

speaking of finals, I am completely done with one class, although im not too confident in the grade I will be getting. I have to write 5, 2 pagers and a book report. It dosent seem like that much when I say that, but when i think about it, it is overwhelming. Also a biology test tomorrow, but im not worried at all about that.

The internet is so boring when all the people who are usually on go home for the summer and leave me here all by my lonesome. Way to be

nothing specific : may 4th

i just feel like writing something. possibly just to get more people to ‘visit’ me (online of course… because none of you would ever come to see me) ..

Im soo tired. I mowed the lawn today … i havent done that in years. My brother usally takes care of that but today i just felt like doing it… and it was getting embarassingly long. I had a random song stuck in my head the whole time … sonny came home … i think it was.

I had a strange dream last night too. There was a little girl with long dark hair … maybe 4,5 years old and had a little pink dress and jacket sort of thing too. Not someone i know at all. And she was being ornry (sp) .. (we were outside… maybe on a board walk) .. and she ran into a public restroom and then came out saying that she swallowed a pill. I started freaking out! I dont know if she told me or if i imagined it but she emoted that it was serious .. so i went into the bathroom with her and she told me where she found them and i found like 8 more and then took her head in my hands and gaged her until she threw up (gently, mind you) and the people (who we apparently knew) came out of the …hotel…?… and someone gave the impression that they were nothing … just birth control or something. I thought it was quite a strange dream.

What else … I am jealous of you miad-ers who are out of school now. My official last day is the 19th. Although I should be done before that. I have 5 -2 page essays to write, 1 novel to read and book report to write … and a essay test to prepare for for the same class, no bio final, no real econ final … just a quiz, and thats about it. Then I turn around and start Speech this summer in addition to interning at the theater. Should stay busy..

thats all for now folks … thanks for tuning in…


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