Best Dream Ever! (kinda long)

Posted: May 20, 2006 in Uncategorized

Best Dream Ever! (kinda long)
Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

So … before we get the the great stuff there was good stuff goin on too. I (or someone whose point of view i enhabited) was some sort of magical creature, human, but so much more. I hesitate to say witch, because it just dosent fit the scenario. Anyways, I cant remember enough to retell and have it make sense, but there was ‘something’ ( artifact, scroll ?) that I was in possession of. Some normal people were helping me out and hiding it from the ‘evil’ creatures, which were not all that scary. ‘I’ was calm throughout. There was a point where i was flying (although i more saw it than experienced it,) over islands and it was a beautiful day. Towards the end of that dream, I was at what seemed to be an apartment, carrying boxes up stairs with this guy (who was the son of the adult who was helping me) and somehow someone else figured out that we were hiding something and threatened to tell (i was still calm ). These boxes then were loaded into a van (upstairs?) and then I went downstairs. (this is where the real fun starts, for me anyways) And it was a hotel.

There was a show going on in a ballroom of sorts. I walk past a merchandise booth thingy and see all this moulin rouge stuff. I walk over to the french doors at the ballroom. Someone i know was there (im not sure who) and i stand next to them. We are on the right side of the stage and I look and see who is playing. There sits Ewan McGregor on a stool with a guitar in his lap and a microphone at his lips. I started to cry! then his song (which was a cover, but i cannot recall which) was over and he passed it on to Wilmer Valderema (sp) (I dont know where that came from). I knew I had a ticket for the next show and I was quite excited. I relaxed and as i was watching all of this happen, i looked to my left and there was this guy in a dark casual suit watching the show as well.

He started talking to me and ( for some strang reason i was still calm) turns out it was Ewan. we small talk, and then he asks me what he should wear. I am confused, but he clarifies, “to match, when we go to dinner” im slightly confused at this point. For some reason i was wearing these hidously obnoxious pink pants. An then i looked at the shirt i was wearing under my jacket. I told him i was quite embarrassed, for it was a Christian (moulin rouge character) shirt. All it sad was the characters name, and no picture, and i said that to him too. I doubted his invitation to dinner and  assured me he was serious. I think he asked where i wanted to go and listed some places, (Mandarin? is that a resturant?, well that was on the list and thats all i can remember) and i think at some point he actually ordered a steak. but we hadnt left yet. In the room behind us, there were tables set up as well. He went on and asked his buddies (wilmer and other ewan?) if they would meet up with us for dinner. Wilmer responded with a “yeah,” or “see you then, Ed” ( i dont get it either… unless its a reference to a character from  Big Fish, Edward Bloom)

So we are getting ready to go and a bartender/merchandise booth guy (looks like a santa character) asks him for something. at this point i dont know what it is, but He said it was in the bathroom and he would be right back. He comes back with a bedpan and this guy behind me (i dont think i ever saw faces, but boy did i see something else..) kept filling it up over and over and for some reason I was the one holding the bedpan and dumping it into some random sink that just appeared. This part was really gross. Then someone came over with Ewans (Ed’s) steak and corn. (enough to feed 4 prolly) and i say ” I need to go wash my hands”. And then I woke up.

Random as it seems, had it been anyone other than Ewan McGregor, I would not have considered it the best dream ever. But it was and therefore is.


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