last night

Posted: May 21, 2006 in Uncategorized

last night was definately fun.

Went to lyons tap. got shooed out.
went to mannings. left.
went to mo’s. closed.
went to grafitti. Kareoked. lady marmalade. texted colin.
went to lassiters and played some pool.. kindof..
went to taco bell.
got duped into going to fulton to pick up someone’s ‘cousin’.
the girls almost got into a fight there. that would have been humorous.
went back to danielles
did some dishes
didnt want to watch tommy boy
Dani and I went on a kit kat walk to the gas station.
found a boat. sat in boat, vowed to return someday.
went back to dani’s
sat between recliner and sofa… played with the dog
music videos at 4, 5 am.
finally went home.
watched some, no looked for more video, but settled for Disturbing Behavior, because dracula 2000 was on after, but i couldnt pay attention.
finally went to bed


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