oh! the cleverness of me!

Posted: May 23, 2006 in Uncategorized

oh! the cleverness of me!

I totally taught myself to knit last night. It was so awesome i could have cried, but that would have been lame. in truth, i have had some instruction in the past, but not enough to say i knew what i was doing. It takes so much longer to make something in knit, example, weeks for a scarf, whereas in crochet, maybe hours to finish the same amount of project. You too could master this art … with the help of Knittinghelp.com

In other news … tonight is the initial Tech meeting for my summer ‘internship’. Im looking forward to that, as nervous as I am to go and meet all these people. Im not sure of my role in all this. Im afraid that I will be in a position lower than that of my knowledge and capabilities (which I honestly am not certain of …). So I shall go with an open mind and just hope these people are great to work with and will help me learn much over the summer.

AND because of this internship thing, Im worried that I may not get the opportunities to vacation as I had hoped. I have a potential GreenBay/Milwaukee trip in mind, and various meetups, but I have a feeling that all of my time will be all consumed. : (  We shall see.

Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Goodnight!


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