what if i dont want a subject?

Posted: June 8, 2006 in Uncategorized

what if i dont want a subject?
Current mood:  frustrated


Tonight is opening night and I am unsure of my role in happenings. Im thinking I might go up and chill with the kids, but i just feel akward with them. Like somewhere in thier mind, they are far superior to me. Speaking of mind…. today i was at the boat and aaron came in from getting a curtain, he sets it down and asks me what i said. I said that I didnt say anything, but i was thinking loud. I told him that I was thinking about telling him that Jim (‘boss’) was outside. He proceeds to tell me that that was what he thought he heard. I love it when things like that happen. Although it could have been that was what he was thinking at the same time… I preferr to imagine that it is subtle telepathy.

on another note. I believe that divorce preceedings will be occuring very very soon. Yet again, I do not know my role in this. I prefer to take the ‘ i dont know anything about anything… im invisable role’ but should the question ‘did you know anything about this? ‘ pop up, what do I say???? I am very glad that I have something to do all summer. otherwise i would have too much time to think.

Im looking into getting a paid (money or college credit) internship somewhere or other next summer (if I dont do summer school or go abroad -yeah right-). I would be awesome to end up close to some of you, or to know someone wherever I go. Im getting excited about that. I think that I need to get on with this whole college thing. Im far too excited for the theatering to begin. I also, but dont think i will, want a singing course. I already know I can sing but i would like to learn how to do it stronger and properly. that would be quite fun.

I think thats it for this update.

oh, pictures available on facebook, maybe photobucket eventually, of showboat stuffs


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