tomorrow is closing night!

Posted: June 17, 2006 in Uncategorized

tomorrow is closing night!

thank god! I mean I love it and all, but not the job on the lowest rung of the ladder…. ‘keep an eye on the children’ . yes that is usually my role, but not 7 at once, and not with a prima donna and a strong willed child mixed together with a bunch of noisy chillins’. BUT its ok. I made new kid friends, and i dont have to worry abut getting along with some of the older cast members. Today there were 2 shows and in the latter of the 2, something happened. So, the theater is on a boat, with several stories, the lower level is the green room/ dressing room area. the next level up is only 1/2 and that is the stage. the 3rd level is the pit and scene shop. the highest level is the smallest (single room) and is where myself and the children are. ( why did i voluenteer for that…) and we have no monitor and can barely hear what is going on. Anyways, first act, things go fine for the most part until the 2nd time they have to go on. half of the kids didnt come upstairs like thay should have, and the rest of us, at the quietest it had ever been, couldnt hear the gong (which was the cue) and 3 of the  7 kids were not on stage. I dont know how it happened, but it did and we all feel bad. and aparrently people in the audience can hear the kids upstairs… idk… but i feel like im in trouble….

and tomorrow is closing night and i couldnt be happier. except for the strike part, where the whole set must be removed after the show and the beginnings of the next one must go up. such fun (totally sarcastic) actually i dont mind the tech work at all. I completely enjoy (with some moments to except) working with the people that i work with as well as enjoy what i do. there is physical proof of what I do. Theeeeen I am also doing the childrens theater (children in the audience, not on stage) where I am responsible for prompting, and i will have to do some lighting, possibly some tech work (scene changes…) too. oh well. Im just looking forward to having my nights back. when I dont have to go to the show every night.

Now to get some sleep. I wish I would have been able to go out… but i have no friends around here… not the kind that would ask me to go hang out with them… well there is shay, but her plans envolved going to …. sturgis on the river???? or something, so I said no : (

oh well.  but i was happy to have found some dr. pepper in the fridge when i got home!

ok, thats all

Luv ya’ll


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