updates … 3rd times the charm

Posted: August 2, 2006 in Uncategorized
updates … 3rd times the charm

so this is the 3rd time i am attempting to write this darn update.

Um … zoo birthday party was fun, but i was way too exhausted after the set strike to enthustically report on it… and now time has passed… soo… theres pics in my facebook if you are THAT interested.

The internship is going well. I really enjoy the people I work with (which is lucky) and I thouraghly enjoy theatre, so its a win win situation for me. That first major strike tho, for putting up Anything Goes was a doozy. Numerous allnighters with minor naps here and there… its a wonder we got it all together. (again, photos in facebook) I really am enjoying myself and look forward to doing this forever (or at least awhile)

I ordered some books for school yesterday and I am stupidly excited to get them and start paging through. Im kinda excited about school and kinda not. Im ready and all, because it will bring me closer to my career, but dealing with a whole new school and whole new atmosphere, for those of you who know me may understand how this might be slightly terrifing. But in the end i know it will be just fine. Also, I dont have a loan yet. Im wondering if I should just estimate and get one (since i dont have a fin aid award yet , my fault… procrastination allways gets me) now instead of waiting. I will probably do that. I also want a job out there. I sent in an application, but havent heard back. Im sure that they just want it in person, but we shall see. If all else fails, I can try for a babysitting job since I will have my car with me (yay).


and my mom got a new house that I am staying at sorta by myself until 2 bedrooms are put in the basement for my siblings to move into also.

well thats about it.

much love


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