proposed course list for next semester

Posted: October 16, 2006 in Uncategorized

proposed course list for next semester

So. If all goes well, ie.. if the health center recieves my paperwork about vaccinations and tuition is taken care of in time… , i shall be regestering early november hopefully for these courses.

Theatre History II (hopefully I can take it without having Th. H. I) (4sh)
Production Construction (1sh)
Production Run Crew (1sh)
Directing (3sh)
Latin II (4sh)
Modes of Video Production (4sh)
that would fullfill the full time status thing and also get me a foot into the video aspects of what I want to do. But Im also considering 2 courses at one sh each that only kinda have something to do with my major. These classes are basically one on one lessons for a half hour.. I would do Voice and Piano. Which my reasoning would be that I feel I should know what Im doing before trying to bring it out of someone else (voice) and I just think knowing more than i do now about playing the piano would be benificial to me now and in the future. I may take both, or not, or just one and then the other. Im also considering taking French this summer. Just so I know the basics. Its a good thing to have when persuing a job with Cirque Du Solei… which is in my horizon somewhere.

which leads me to another strain of thought. If all goes well, after this year, I will have one more year and be able to graduate. It would have been sooner if not for the 4 semester language requirement, but I see that as an opportunity to add various other courses like the video and music ones. OK, so after graduation, I really really want to get a touring job that will pay decently and allow me to travel. After a year or so of that, I would like to see what Vegas has to offer. No. Not gambling. The city. Do you realize how many shows call vegas home? tons. not to mention the travelling shows. So I believe that is where I will look for a rooted job. particularlly with Cirque. If not vegas, then obvioulsy somewhere else. I had always considered Washington State and Im thinking Canada may be an option (cirque has a home there too). After Cirque, or whatever rooted job i may have, Im not exactly sure what I want to do specifically. Maybe find a smaller theatre company and direct, manage, design shows there, or just get a change of scene and relocate. I dont want to think too far ahead and limit myself in that way. I know I want to do some small scale stuff too, like highschool or local theatre.

Sigh. All this stuff on the future has let me forget about the present. so … latin homework here i come.



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