Posted: February 17, 2007 in Uncategorized
Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

wow i just (relatively) had some strangeee dreams. First, there was  a racing one where we were to race on route66 ‘breaking the law by going 66mph instead of 65″ . i took off and then i could no longer hear the announcer person. So I kept going. Then at the end it turned into a left curve. then somehow there were no longer cars and the center was swampy and filled with brush and … snakes. I woke up from fear and a strange feeling of being touched.

Then i had a dream that i was going to a party (holiday? childrens?) and at the Lemke’s. I remember carrying presents outside and i  think there was snow. but the strange part is the age of the 2 kids and how not like themselves they were. and then I left, only to sneak in to use thier bathroom.

THEN I was down at riverfront and painting something or other. There was something mentioned about either keep the place lit or your place will get trached. There was a kid on his bike riding around and there were stairs going up. Skylar was sitting on the stairs. there wasnt much interaction and then skylar and someone were at the top of the stairs. The boy unzipped his hoodie to reveal a shirt that was definately my brothers and then taking the hood off, it was him. He was in big trouble. not in the sense of ‘you are punished’ but a looming doom was felt in the air. strange strange things my mind works up. I guess thats what happens when you actually get enough sleep to dream.


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