tarot -ing

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tarot -ing
Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

5  6  7  8

1.How you see the other                             Chariot
2.How the other sees you                           VIII Pentacles
3.What you need                                         IX Wands
4.What the other needs                                III of Swords
5.Where things are now                               VIII of Swords
6.Where you’d like things to go                   X of Wands
7.Where other’d like things to go                 Death
8. Factors to consider                                  Star
9.End result                                                 Empress

The following is an intrep based on my personal reaction to the card, the little white book that came with the cards and some internet info… (within quotes)

some is relavant, some isnt, and i know not to invest wholly in this…. its like a horoscope… so dont think its given me ideas… just peace of mind for the relavant and seemingly true moments. and some of it makes no sense really. so … yeah. there it is.

1. Glorified, unatiainable, confliciting interests, duality, turmoil, journey, war/struggle, solitary fight, “Control is required over opposing emotions, wants, needs, people, circumstances; bring them together and give them a single direction, your direction. Confidence is also needed and, most especially, motivation. “

2. Worker, aprentice , growth + progress, “The message of all Eights is that movement, a change of place, home, job or situation can lead to an internal transformation. All that is needed is the strength to go through with it.”

3. Security, defense, strength, stability, expectation of difficulty and change, order + discipline, “What the Querent seeks most, leadership, a successful career, is right there…. Completion of all they’ve worked for is right there, all they need do is go for it!”

4. Pain in love, abscence, sorrow, diversion, disappointment, separation, delay, (visual…Three swords pierce a heart. Against the background of a storm, it bleeds.) “This card often relates to love-triangles; but remember this is an air sign, so what the Querent believes to be true was likely due to something they heard wrong or were falsely told, a wrong idea they got into their heads. It does not lessen the fact that hurtful words are going to be exchanged”

5.Blind, opportunity, potential, crisis, turmoil, bad news, ‘damned if you do, damed if you dont’, constrained, trapped, if you move, youll get hurt, but if you dont, things get worse,”The Querent must have the strength to endure the cuts, else they’ll stay trapped. They must move, for the longer they let the situation continue, the worse it will get”

6. didnt really get much of an impression from this one… excessive pressures, striving for good, goals achieved, but the burden of it remains, energy drained, creativity lost… : ( “Advise your Querent to delegate, to put down some burdens and find his energy again”

7. End, new beginning, unexpected change, loss, at the bottom one can only go higher,”Death is not the end. It is only the precursor to resurrection.”

8. Emotions, hope, faith, balance of efforts, pleasure, mix of past and present, looks to the future, clarity of vision, “The star only reveals the future. It is up to the Querent to find his way to that future. “

9. Fruitful, harvest,nourishing, female influence, pratical, intuition, stereotypical mother figure, “This card tells the Querent that if they want their new romance, new career, new business, new creation to grow into all it can be they have to pay attention to it, baby it and be willing to let it take those first steps when it is ready.”


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