I am X Chicago Adventure

Posted: April 5, 2007 in Uncategorized

I am X Chicago Adventure

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so. im feeling that now… when i dont want to study for my latin exam tomorrow… would be a nice time to discuss … rather .. tell you of my most recent chicago adventure.
the story begins with me leaving iowa city (note to self… someone closed my drape… they took away my sunshine … f*cking roomate (i almost really wrote that…) ) anywho… I left around 130ish and made it to clinton early enough to .. chill.. for awhile and get a cd player so mike wasnt stuck with my music. I tried to find him some good stuff .. he mentioned chris cornell and i dwnloaded some of that…and some misc. stuff. overall i dont think the music of the night (lol) was all that bad.

We leave Clinton and are on the road for chicago and im feeling the start of a major headache coming on. We get to the dekalb oasis and he offers to drive thank god! I thought I would try and do some homework..   we go through a toll. his contact falls out. A cop car pulls up right behind us. Not that we ..uh.. had anything to worry about, but I knew i didnt have anything that would be needed when asked for if at all. So just in time we calmed down and he came to my window, basically I think its just his job to check on people who pull over right then to make sure everything is ok. we were on our way again and then we had to find tristine. Which wasnt a problem, as the directions led us straight there.

I got back in the drivers seat for the journey to Schubas Tavern.  There were a couple close calls, one in particular when i was going to change lanes on the interstate and  the cars in front of me stopped, but i was looking behind to see if i could change lanes, thankfully tristine said something and i slammed on my brakes and mike woke up kinda screaming … lol… sorry …  and then while missing a street or 2 there were stop signs on every corner and almost missed one and mike called it out, i totally screeched to a stop.. it was kinda cool, only cuz it wasnt life threatening.  I blame it on my headache. For the most part it wasnt hard to find, except the confusing labeling of a road and going the way wrong direction and then missing or not knowing where to turn or not turn because of a diagonal road through everything… but we made it there with time to spare because instead of  a nine show it was at 10.

We got in and got some drinks. They played some pinball and then we went into the grill part of the place and got some stuff to munch on. My head was hurting sooo bad just before we got there… I had some tylenol and well.. .something else and since i was no longer driving it wasnt bothering me so much. but then after ordering and reciving some sort of fried chicken something or other, i could only take a few bites and then i was feeling nausous again. ten was rolling around. We went into the little (and i mean little) room for the concert. well, it wasnt that small, but smaller than expected. The people that were there were sooo cool. so funky. Definately the kind of people I expected to see at this show. I know I felt out of place, but who cares. The group didnt get on until about 10 30. but I think it was an awesome show. The music is just magical for me… in a strange sort of way and this guy Chris Corner (of the sneaker pimps..) is so unique and interesting and energizing to watch. Mike said even he was dancing…  Anyways, great show, i just wish they played longer, but with my headache and the drive ahead, im glad they didnt. The show ended around 1230 and we headed out.

Reverse directions are never going to work. They seemed as if they would, but we got kinda lost on the way to drop tristine off. Luckily we were in an area familiar to her and she could get us back to her place. I even let her drive at some point. We got her home at 130 ish and then had the daunting task of finding out way out of the Roselle area.

We thought we were on the right track until one step away from finding I 88. then we got all turned around. 2 or 3 gas stations into the cycle, I knew I was going to get sick and I did, stupid headache… which im guessing is a migrane, which i would say this is only the 2nd time it had made me sick…. moving on, then i dont know how many times we asked for directions and thought we were on track, only to realize that we had just gone in one huge circle. Literally, we saw some places 2 or three times. it was plain rediculous. Eventually, Mike called Heather and we began getting oriented. kinda, we still didnt know where we were, we had no points of reference. But that got us on the right track. Eventually, I said  that we should just get a map. so at the next gas station I asked where the maps were and the attendant just let us use the stores, and i exclaimed that we were sooo lost and we needed to find I 88. He said, just get on 355 S (i think) which is right out there and that leads right to it. Salvation!

He was my hero. So was Mike for driving through all of this. My brain was absolutely fried. From having the headache to being awake for almost 20 hrs at this point and mixing alcohol and tylenol (which i really dont know what that does ) and other elements I dont think it would have been the smartest to let me drive… but! I did manage to stay awake, so it wasnt like I was making him drive all by himself… I did submit him to terrible tunes tho…  well not tooo bad… i hope…  We finally got back into town at about 720 am and i could not make it back to iowa city for the life of me. I missed my latin class and my work shift. Mike said that he made it to work ok the next day too, so all was eventually well, once sleep was caught up. That thursday i must have went to bed at 6 and didnt wake up until 6 at the earliest the next day. what a nice sleep that was.

so thats my story.


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