Summer Must Do list….

Posted: May 10, 2007 in Uncategorized

Summer Must Do list….

FINISH … 3 Blankets. All are started and in various stages of almost done-ness

I started a childs top… no pattern… so im figuring that one out as i go… shouldnt take too long.

Re-edit and save footage from the Heaven project.

Make another short film???

Re-edit Jaydes soundscape… finesse it even more.. make it longer?

create a soundscape for Faith.

Find somewhere that hold modeling sessions for people to go draw at and go draw… get back into the swing of that sort of thing


Learn to sew. baby steps tho… first … simple bags or bag liners to crochet around. And hems to the awesome fabrics that i found that i can hang in my new room!

Study Latin!!! (lol)

dust off the camera and shoot some fine art photography. (unfortunately i dont have a darkroom 😦 to it will have to be processed film )

Hrm. Thats all i can think of to share right now.

oh maybe brush up on my guitar skillz  (lol at that one too…)

OH! and something like this… but different scroll down to lightbulb


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