summer didnt do list

Posted: July 31, 2007 in Uncategorized

summer didnt do list

FINISH … 3 Blankets. All are started and in various stages of almost done-ness

I started a childs top… no pattern… so im figuring that one out as i go… shouldnt take too long.

Re-edit and save footage from the Heaven project.

Make another short film???

Re-edit Jaydes soundscape… finesse it even more.. make it longer?

create a soundscape for Faith.

Find somewhere that hold modeling sessions for people to go draw at and go draw… get back into the swing of that sort of thing


Learn to sew. baby steps tho… first … simple bags or bag liners to crochet around. And hems to the awesome fabrics that i found that i can hang in my new room!

Study Latin!!! (lol)

dust off the camera and shoot some fine art photography. (unfortunately i dont have a darkroom 😦 to it will have to be processed film )

Hrm. Thats all i can think of to share right now.

oh maybe brush up on my guitar skillz (lol at that one too…)

Of all of that…..  I only managed to complete the childs top. I kinda got around to sewing…  Thats it… no more lists of things to do. Ill never get around to it.

But there are some other things that have come from this summer. More along the lines of “things that cant be seen with the eyes, but are felt with the heart”. This summer, my friends have been the best and truest ive ever had. That may or may not say much about them… but it has meant alot to me to have even this short time of greatness.

After this .. after the following semesters, In theory… i should be off to face the real world. Leaving those I know and love behind. And Im sitting here stranded between two paths. I know what I should do, I know what I need to do, I know what would be awesome to do…. I just dont know what I want. I pray that the best option will reveal itself.

Ive put myself in the strangest of situations this summer and its changed me. Im still uncertian if it was for good or not. I kind of feel like a rug was ripped out from underneath me… and not standing for something has made me fall.

But it was fun.
and there is still some time left.
I gotta party like im gonna die tomorrow.
or not.
im not sure.

much love.


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