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Alright. Here is a list of blogs that I did from late 2007 to early 2008
z is for….


I should go. seeing as i havent been to the one here.

and for

‘ze end.

G is for


It took me forever to figure out something for ‘g’ and then I realized not only is it haunting season… but Id like to go to one and sit and sketch for awhile.

Here in Iowa City there is a monument that has some lore around it. I dont think I believe in all of it.. but its still a cool story.

Black Angel

I plan on going sometime during the day… aannnddd… prolly will go by myself. I just gotta find the time.


YAY on to normal blogging when ever i feel like it!

ill start now.

Im attempting to start writing 10 mintue plays again. There is a contest of sorts locally that im going to try and submit to. there are some interesting and not very constraining constraints… particular phrases that need to be included.

Y is for… well. Duh… Yarn.

But apart from telling yall that i have lots of it…. and that I use it to make stuff, I dont have much to say about it.

so. what else.
Year? alot happens in a year. It sure has for me. apart from all the things im not going to spill here on the net… I have grown up alot, i think.. .im still pretty immature, but im learning as i go. Im a little behind all my friends in the ‘life experiences’ category… so bear with me. I have graduated college. I have sold my products through a store (scarves etc..) I applied for and was pretty much accepted for a position with a photography company (still tying up loose ends). I have had my first apartment. I took care of my car by myself… kinda… Many people have come into my life and some of them I will leave behind, but not without them having left a mark on me in some way shape or form… good and bad. I participated in a craft fair once. I went on a date or two with a guy, who actually might have been good for me. We all know how that turned out.

Sigh. There is soooo much more that has gone on internally as well.

I can only imagine what this upcoming year has in hold for me. It all starts in a matter of about 2 weeks for me.

saying goodbye will be hard… but much needed. I feel the weight of this city and some of the people in it crushing me.


till next time.

X is for

X is for…. hrm. lemme see. Roman Numeral for 10… so lets see if I can come up with 10 things.

1. Xylophone. Seriously in persuit of one. Maybe one to play with, but for real I just want one of those colorful kiddie ones to take apart and turn into a wind chime.

2. X. the shape of crossing something out. I need to and am working on crossing a certian mindset out of my mind. This includes the way I feel about someone and a few others for that matter.

3. X = a variable.  Lots of those coming up.

4. X…. hrm. I dont think i can make it to 10.

W is for…

2 things…

Whats in a name….

You entered: amy jo peters

There are 11 letters in your name.
Those 11 letters total to 48
There are 4 vowels and 7 consonants in your name.
What your first name means:French Female Dearly loved; Beloved. From the Old French Amee, which derives from the Latin amatus meaning loved. In common use after publication of American Louisa May Alcott’s ‘Little Women’.
English Female Beloved.

Your number is: 3

The characteristics of 3 are: Expression, verbalization, socialization, the arts, the joy of living.

The expression or destiny for 3:
An Expression of 3 produces a quest for destiny with words along a variety of lines that may include writing, speaking, singing, acting or teaching; our entertainers, writers, litigators, teachers, salesmen, and composers. You also have the destiny to sell yourself or sell just about any product that comes along. You are imaginative in your presentation, and you may have creative talents in the arts, although these are more likely to be latent. You are an optimistic person that seems ever enthusiastic about life and living. You are friendly, loving and social, and people like you because you are charming and such a good conversationalist. Your ability to communicate may often inspire others. It is your role in life to inspire and motivate; to raise the spirits of those around you.

The negative side of number 3 Expression is superficiality. You may tend to scatter your forces and simply be too easygoing. It is advisable for the negative 3 to avoid dwelling on trivial matters, especially gossip.

Your Soul Urge number is: 8

A Soul Urge number of 8 means:
With an 8 soul urge, you have a natural flair for big business and the challenges imposed by the commercial world. Power, status and success are very important to you. You have strong urges to supervise, organize and lead. Material desires are also very pronounced. You have good executive abilities, and with these, confidence, energy and ambition.

Your mind is analytical and judgment sound; you’re a good judge of material values and also human character. Self-controlled, you rarely let emotions cloud judgment. You are somewhat of an organizer at heart, and you like to keep those beneath you organized and on a proper track. This is a personality that wants to lead, not follow. You want to be known for your planning ability and solid judgment.

The negative aspects of the 8 soul urge are the often dominating and exacting attitude. You may have a tendency to be very rigid, sometimes stubborn.

Your Inner Dream number is: 4

An Inner Dream number of 4 means:
You dream of being a very solid citizen that people can depend upon. You strive for organization and predictable order. You want to be recognized as a person with a plan and the discipline to make that plan work like clockwork.

AND Whats next:

(edit coming soon)


Ok. so whats next in life for me….

Meghan just got accepted to the AVEDA institute.  That solidifies the plans of going to milwaukee for a year. It kinda scares me to go out there again with out most of the people that i had there being there anymore. There will be a few, and also a few in green bay that i know. But it wont be the same. And that is exciting as well. Im very sad too to be leaving behind some of the most important people to me here at home as well.
sigh. ah well. Im looking for a photographer job, daytime… so i can maybe volunteer in the evenings at some theatre.
we’ll see.

so thats the plan for the next year.

V is for


or something like that.

This summer there are some things that will be or need to be done.

here is the list.

1. Move home and have a Grad party of sorts.
2. Make a big dent in the pile of yarn that I currently have (in no particular order:)
A. Surprise project for andrew.
B. Homespun Scarf for Jess
C. Stock up on sellable stuff.
D. Do a project that involves felting.
E. AWESOME blanket for myself…
F. Repair my uncles blanket.
G. Finish big ol picnic blanket.
H.Organize patterns.
I. Friendship Afghan.
J.Crafy way to contain needles and hooks.
K. Kellys Baby Blanket
L. thats all i got for now…
3. Make some Lamellaphones (totally spelled that wrong) : thumb pianos. really cool things. possibly sell them after making them all pretty.
4. make some cool found object sound instruments … idk what for.
5. Get to Milwaukee…. 3x
A. Meghans interview at aveda
B. Apartment hunting
C. Moving there.
6. Mini Vacations. Kid friendly/or not.
A. Drive in.
B. i know cliff likes galena and wants to see palisades part, and im down with that.
7. Get back into the photo thing. Film particularly. Poloroids even.
8. Get back into the art thing. Drawing particularly. Painting even.
9. Job hunt.
10. Drink. Debauchery… all that good stuff.
11. Hula Hoop… must master the art.
12. secret mission 1 codename 2
13. secret mission 2 codename 1
14. How funny was that.
15. possibly register for a class back at miad for evenings or whatever. hopefully a studio drawing class. mmhm
16. Make some music with friends. Specifically mr. Aaron.
17. Organize computer files….. : /
18.Finesse some sewing (machine) skillz.
A. make curtians for @moms.
B. i’d love to mess around and make silly clothes that shay and dani would not let their children be seen in public in…
19.CAMP. i think im gonna hold cliff responsible for making that happen.
20. Have a super awesome time, because its really the last summer of its kind. never again will i have the same people around me. Im really gonna be a sap arent I? Ill try my best not to…. but I cant help but love muh friends.

Thats it… with room to grow….

Feel free to help me out on any of it!!! lol


U is for


never would have thought of getting a hula hoop….. ha. Im so excited. It cant get here soon enough.

T is for

Thoughts. Things I have been thinking about alot lately… troubles…

Just like everyone else, I am going through life with no instructions. And at this point in my life, out here in iowa city, I am going through it completely alone.  Im not as socially talented and the rest of my friends. They just happened to me, I didn’t really initiate friendships… well after a certian point im sure i made an effort to hold on to some, but my point is, out here I cannot just go up to people and be ‘oh lets be friends’. I dont know how to. I rely on people coming to me. I dont know any other way. A big part of this is that I often do not think myself worthy to be anyones friend. Why in hell would anyone want to be my friend? Please, this isnt a pity party, so for those of you who are, dont tell me why. I dont want to hear it. Not that you would, but thats another song and dance.

That being said, I realize that I treasure what ‘friendships’ I do have. I really do love and care about those people who enter my life. Its difficult for me to envision the end of any of them, but it happens and i know this. It happened when I left milwaukee. And the surprising part is who i really do keep in touch with and who kinda just let me be. But I digress. Another transition in my life is coming up. Im not sure what it means for those who I love so dearly here. I never want to lose any of you and there are some who i KNOW our lives are forever entwined and although we may drift, we will come back together over time.

These past few weeks I have found myself doing some life evaluation and Im looking at myself and what I have done. Im not perfect. Im far from it. Mike used the image of an angel with clipped wings. I may have been an angel, but yes, my wings are clipped, they have been for some time. And that is entirely too sad. And to think the things that clipped them are minescule(sp) in the grand scheme of things makes me want to cry for all the fallen angels, so to speak. The world is a terrible place. I wonder why and how it got to be like this. Why people feel such an urge to do wrong. It can be argued about the definition of ‘wrong’ and who am i to define it as such. But i think we can agree there is a basic human code.. I know things cant always be sunshine and happiness, without the rain, there would never be growth.

Im going through some rainstorms now. Ive been through a few in the past. And Im really trying to grow, I am. but I find myself to be a seed that has fallen on cement or something … (dismiss the biblical allusion). My situation just dosent foster such growth.  I curl up inside and only have myself to live with.

I know its not all that bad and I have a great many things to be thankful for.Really I know i do. But, what everybody wants more than anything else is exactly what they cant have. So, I am often unhappy. And that filters through to my limited, digital, interactions with the few friends that I do have. And often i realize it IS just me needing/wanting attention. And rightfully so. All I have is myself out here.
And living with me isnt easy. I hate myself. And because of this, I tend to assume that others may think of me what I think of myself. Maybe not hate, but other things. Its awful reassuring to hear otherwise. And sometimes I fish for it.

Sometimes I think about how much I care about some people. I care so much and realize that maybe I dont show it as much as i think i do. Which would make sense when it comes around to recieving that. I dont know how to articulate this quite well, but i will leave it with, I know that it is unfair to assume that anyone dosent care as much as I do. Because it is just not that easy to show. You cant just show someone how you feel inside. and it cant be spoken well either. Id also like to point out that this is NOT directed to any one person specifically. Its a general statement that covers alot of you.

I am an emotional person. Emotions rule my actions.. my life. I dont care what you think about that. Why shouldnt one live emotinally. I know im a bit naieve, i have a hopelessly romantic view of things, I look for the best in people, I trust blindly, I believe in the inherent goodness of man. Why shouldnt I? Because I am constantly disappointed. But no matter how many times i get broken down, I still have faith in goodness. I just dont understand evil i suppose. I dont ever want to.

I would like to thank all the people who have helped me through  my rough patches and put up with my emotional stuff. Its not an easy way of life, living emotionally, but its better than just denying the emotions are there. Im learning. Ive got some catching up to do. I have some living to do. I want you there. I want to have fun with what little time I have left in this part of the world, in this part of my life. I will honestly try to let things go, ‘let it be’. Everybody I know has something or someone to hold on to. I dont. I dont feel grounded. I dont have a grip on anything tangible. So where its easy for you to let things go and then go home to something comfortable and seemingly constant, I have no one. Which for the time being, is alright. but it still effects me in a major way.

I dont want to unqualify anything I have said, because I believe it to be true and heartful, but im just ranting i think… and fufilling a “T” blog. I think again, Im just being a girl and letting too many things get to me, but im not saying there is anything wrong with that.

till we meet again.

S is for script : Im not going to inclued the script in the transfer from myspace… too long

R is for !!!


As excited as i am to go to milwaukee for my ‘grown up’ beginning to life…. im thrilled that it is put off until september/august. one last horrah in iowa before i head off into the real world. not sure what im doing yet. maybe ill try for a paying job at the showboat. that’d be great. we shall see : )

Q is for


most immediate…

im thinking that im going to move to milwaukee in june/ july. I hope my friends decide to take advantage of the time left with me and make the most of it…. but thats just how i would feel.

short term.. well find a job out there post grad. Ill be living with my sister, which will prove to be an interesting and influential part of my life, i believe.Im actually looking forward to living with her in a situation of being 2 adults.

long term.

creating a rock opera. this shall be my magnus opus. i have some specific ideas in mind, but i like the idea of collaboration and the creative process… i intend to draw from the talents and knowledge of  those i know.

thats about it for now. : )

P is for…

sorry Diana … its not going to be for penpals… but i will do a shoutout to my favorite penpal!!! (thats Diana btw)


P is for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (pcos) which I have..

Explains alot of things and I really wish it were thought of earlier (as far as doctors making the connection)

What is it?
well. I cannot seem to post links (anyone that can help lemme know)  but if you go to this site :
http://www.pcosupport.org/medical/whatis.phppcos  there is some information. Even better info here :

Basically it means that some hormones are outta whack and that my follicles (gah.. gotta look that up.. ok the basic element that contains the egg)
does not develop and there for eggs are not released.
This is due to some hormone miscommunication. (as i understand it)

so yeah. im pretty much infertle without the use of treatement… and there can be more complications and alot of ‘what ifs’

le sigh

such is life

little dykyj
my sister thought she had that when she was failing to get pregnant, which meant that i could of had it too. it was sorta scarey. are you sure you have it? did you have tests conducted and such?either way, dont give up, fertility drugs can work miracles (my sister and i are the result of fertility drugs) and although it’s not nearly the same, adoption could give a child a deserving home and you would be the best home ever. but don’t worry. things will work out one way or another. they have to.
Posted by little dykyj on December 19, 2007 – Wednesday – 1:40 AM
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Amy Jo
yeah. im not to freaked out about it. I asked my doc too if she was sure i had it and if there were tests and stuff.. im sure that a ultrasound or whatever of the ovaries would confirm such a thing, but other than that ive got most of the symptoms… except the whole male hair thing (thank god…) Im pretty sure as far as hormones and insulin and such things were pretty point on.
Ive always considered adoption. and i have always considered not having any kids around. and then at some point i wanted 5! we’ll just have to see. Everything happens for a reason…
Posted by Amy Jo on December 19, 2007 – Wednesday – 1:46 AM

O is for…

had a hard time figuring out what to do with o…. but after getting my horoscope today… i found that “Optimism” could play the role.

Birthday Gifts

Happy birthday, Capricorn! This is your week, DREAMER2015, in more ways than one, thanks to an abundance of positive planetary energy coming your way. Not only is this your time to celebrate the start of your birthday month as the Sun enters Capricorn on Saturday, but it’s also the start of the Solstice. You’ll be impacted by a lot of powerful energy. The fun doesn’t stop there, because on Tuesday the Universe has another wonderful birthday gift for you. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, enters your Zodiac sign of Capricorn for a one-year visit, and he’ll bring you many blessings during his residency in your sector of self. You’ll find that you feel good, look good, and think more positively and optimistically than you ever have before. At times, you have a tendency to be a bit down in the dumps, and your Sun Sign is known as one that is occasionally pessimistic. All that changes as you start one of the best weeks of your life. On Thursday wise Mercury completes the presents given to you by the cosmos when he enters Capricorn and gives you an abundance of wisdom. Who could ask for anything more?

So… a year in which Jupiter is hanging out… which implies… overall good feelings… which WOULD be a big change.
And this upcoming week is to be one of the greatest!?! with finals?? im skeptical.. but why  think it could be otherwise. AND wisdom on thursday… when i take my latin final… i can use all the help i can get. not to mention wisdom for the evening as well.

cheers to positive outlooks

N is for….

Non Sequitur
Origins : Latin [it does not follow]

that being said.. im just using it as a means to ramble about things that do not necessarily follow eachother.. except in my mind … muahahahaaa

Ice storm… aftermath is pretty awesome. Especially in the sun!!!

classes. suck. barely passing my history class. gotta study REAL hard for the final. le sigh.

missin my friends. not only physically (as in spending time…) but just some of the way things used to be. : /

my room is soooooo cluttered. I dont like my desk set up. not very productive.

I havent really drawn in awhile. i really miss it. Like… studio drawing, with models and lighting and easels/horses and big paper and messy charcol. : (

Going to NYC really scares me. I have to get from the airport to the hostel all by myself?? c’mon, how m’I gonna do that?!?

I cant wait to do my gift giving. Lots of handmade stuff.

Im nervous about writing the ‘P’ blog…

I cant wait to go play with muh new baby cousins : )

I need soda. to go with the captian thats in muh freezer.

I have the rest of the day off! yippiee.

People will always want what they cant have. myself included.


M is for…..

My horrible horrible paper….
and macbeth… my horrible horrible project

um…. just gonna say… copyright and all that jazz….

Amy Jo Peters
TA Erin Patrick
History of Theatre and Drama I
30 November 2007

The Morals and Methods Brought About by this Medieval Morality Play

“Here beginneth a treatiste how the High Father of Heaven sendeth death to the common every creature to come and give account of their lives in this world, and is in the manner of a moral play” (Cawley-Wadworth 245) And thus begins the story of Everyman.
Everyman is one of the most well known surviving plays from the medieval times. Written in the early 1500’s it touches on themes and morals that are timeless. The play is a classic example of a morality play. It reminds its audience of the fact that you cannot take anything to heaven with you. Only your good deeds may accompany you. It was most likely written by a clergy member and therefore has a highly Christian, even Catholic, influence.(244) Its generic characters allow for easy parallels to be drawn from the play to the life of the audience. It is a step away from the popular cycle pageant plays of the time, bringing audiences closer to a more contemporary experience of theatre.
With plays being popular entertainment of the time, a play like Everyman would serve not only as entertainment, but also as a means of influencing the common people. The church would have used not only cyclical plays but morality plays as well to inspire audiences into a holier and sinless life.
Plays that are intended to express morals have a variety of characteristics unique to them. First of all, morality plays employ generic characters. For example in Everyman, some characters are named Good Deeds, Kindred, Goods, etc… and Everyman himself is but a representation of every man. These characters represent humanity in whole or one particular aspect of humanity. Doing so acts as a mirror for the audience to relate these characters to people and situations in their own lives. These plays would often present the appearance of the devil or similar character that would beckon the main character to the afterlife. (Gilman 32) In the progress of the play the character, one who had most likely fallen from the good graces of God, would go through a process of absolution and redemption. (11)
The accounts in morality plays do not necessarily deal with stories from the Bible, like some of its predecessors, but yet were allegories that involved the common man. Stories that included events that related to the lives of the audience were often presented. The purpose of morality plays was primarily to urge audiences to live a good and moral life, as opposed to a life lived in sin and evil.
Language in the morality plays, similar to the cycle plays, was in the vernacular of the people. No longer were the actors learned clergymen, but the people of the community. Not all of the actors could read, so the productions often reflected the speech of the actors. Complex ideas and language was simplified for the audiences. And it is possible that such simplicity has been what has made the play, Everyman, so popular and such a timeless piece that is still thought of today.
The nature of cycle plays is slightly different than that of morality plays. First off, there is the physical presentation of the play. These plays were set on pageant wagons that would travel from one location to another. Each wagon would have a particular scene from the Bible, ranging from the creation story through the life of Christ to Judgment Day. The intent behind cycle plays was mainly to ‘read’ the Bible to those who were unable. The stories were put across in a manner that was memorable and identifiable by the audience.
Morality plays, on the other hand, wanted to have an impact on the lives of the audience. The audience was meant to be affected and take what they saw to heart and change the way they lived their lives. Morality plays were also not necessarily part of a pageant procession. Although they conveyed morals, they did not necessarily have religious ties. Characters in each type of play differed as well. Those in the cycle plays would often be someone specific, like Noah who built the arc or a shepherd who was visited by an angel and told of the coming of Christ. Conversely, morality plays were distinctly general with the characters. As mentioned before, they were often representative of a group of people.
Unlike the popular cycle plays of the time, morality plays were meant to be independent and stand on their own. Everyman and plays like it were intended to be seen in one sitting. Still, the morality plays were reminiscent of the pageant cycle plays. Staging was still simple. Costumes were not elaborate. Technology was similar, for example, the angel at the end of Everyman could have been flown in using the same mechanisms as those used for similar spectacles on the pageant wagons. This would have been as simple as rigging a rope and physically letting the actor descend.
As an example of a morality play, the story of Everyman begins with a messenger introducing the play. This would be for the purpose of gathering a crowd or gaining attention at the beginning of a piece. Realizing that the people of the world are living sinful lives and not fearing and respecting His will, God then calls upon Death. He requests of Death to summon Everyman to him. Death approaches Everyman and tells him that he must depart for an audience with God. He reminds Everyman and the audience that “Though thou have forget him here, He thinkith on thee in the heavenly sphere” (Cawley-Wadsworth 246). Everyman is found unprepared to take his journey and is granted company, only if whoever it was would agree to go with him. Everyman tries to convince Fellowship, Kindred, Cousin, and Goods to no avail. Each character in turn finds an excuse not to go with him. He then comes upon Good Deeds, who is in a dire state and would go with him if it weren’t for being so weak. Knowledge agrees to go too but urges Everyman to go to Confession before the journey. Everyman’s penance strengthens Good Deeds. He then calls upon Discretion, Strength, Five Wits and Beauty. All agree to go initially, but once aware of the fact that they cannot come back to the earthly life, they forsake him. Good Deeds is the only one to accompany Everyman to Death. An Angel comes and admits Everyman to heaven. A Doctor then addresses the crowd with the moral of the story. (245-254)
The core message of this morality play is that only your good deeds can go with you on your day of reckoning. Everyman makes an important point early on in the play as well, “O Death, thou comest when I had thee least in mind!”(246) This would serve to strike a chord with audiences, making them aware that they do not know when death is coming and that they must always be ready. Throughout the course of the play, as Everyman attempts to persuade companions to come on his journey with him and in their denial, audiences are reminded that material things and personal acquaintances are not going to be there for them. They will not be able to go on the journey with him. The one thing that can be taken with Everyman is too weak to go. This serves as a reminder that humans place to much time and energy on material things and that good deeds and the like suffer because of misplaced energy. But, in the story of Everyman there is hope. (“The Feast…”)
Another message in Everyman is that the audiences are encouraged alongside the lead character to take part in confession and penance. If confession and penance are done, they serve as a means to strengthen the good deeds that one has and therefore, at the end of the journey, one may be permitted to enter heaven. Audiences are shown too that even non-material things are not able to be taken into heaven. Personality traits and physicality do not matter when it comes to reckoning with God.
All of these serve as reminders to the people of the times to be ready in spirit for when their day to meet God is at hand. Each moral is also heavily influenced by the church teachings. Confession was and is a major part of church doctrine. Since it was a major part of the story plot of Everyman, it can be presumed that it was a clergyman who anonymously wrote this play. That and the presence of Latin phrases. A primary intent of the creation of this play, as stated in the opening, is to remind audiences of the inevitability of death and that each must make an account of his or her life with the Lord. (Cawey-Wadsworth 244)
The audiences for this play would have been varied. Not only would it include the common or lower class people of the community, but also the wealthy would be in attendance. The playwright would most likely keep this in mind when writing. Themes are easily applicable to all classes of people. Death comes to Everyman. A play like this was very likely put on during a festival. A common one of the times was Corpus Christi. The audience would be in a celebratory mood. The hope and salvation presented in the play support the mood intended during the Corpus Christi festivities. (The Feast…)
In the time when Everyman would have first been produced, the Corpus Christi festival had become a popular event. The holy feast day was first instituted in 1262 by Pope Urban IV. It is celebrated on the Thursday after Trinity Sunday. Corpus Christi is translated as the Body of Christ. The feast day is a celebration of the Eucharist. The Eucharist would be removed from the church and be part of a celebratory procession. Eventually plays became part of the celebration. This observance was at a time of year that followed a dark time where the Easter season had just passed. The joy and salvation that the Eucharist represents allows for a hopeful and festive mood among the community. Cycle plays were often instituted during festivals of this nature. (Ward & Trent)
The origins of the Everyman play are slightly controversial. There is a similar Flemish play entitled Elckerlijc (translated as Everyman). Some believe that one may be a translation of the other. The Flemish version was printed in 1495. Everyman is dated at about 1500c.e. with subsequent printings which attest to the timeless nature and popularity of this play. (Cawley-Wadsworth 244)
Another similar play of the time was Dr. Faustus, by Christopher Marlowe. The two plays are very similar in theme and plot. An agent of the devil comes and beckons Faustus to his end. The play is the journey between the summons and the moment of death. The characters in Marlowe’s play are also generic at times, for example the Seven Deadly Sins, and numerous flat characters that represent other aspects of life. We see the main character fall into moral decay and lives on bargained time in what would be deemed as sin. Throughout he is offered the opportunity to repent, just as Knowledge does to Everyman, but he refuses and is damned to hell for eternity. This gives audiences a glimpse of what happens if one does not act within the doctrine of the church teachings. Both Dr. Faustus and Everyman exemplify the churches need to influence the community in their daily lives. Dealing with the new advances in knowledge of the times was often an issue that was brought up. A good example of this is also found in Dr Faustus. The gaining of knowledge was seen as something that could be a tool for evil, and as seen in Everyman, was not something that could be brought into heaven. (Marlowe-Wadsworth 256-281)
Everyman is representative of a time in history where the church was able to influence the messages that dramatic performances conveyed. Since it exists and is looked to even today, its messages are still heard. Messages are seen that warn the living of impending fate and encourage people to live in a manner that leaves one ready for his or her own time of reckoning. The central messages will transcend time and continue to touch and affect the lives of those who experience it.

Works Cited

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THE END… i am expecting a terrible grade. go . me.

L is for


When i initally thought about doing the alphabet blog… i thought L would be difficult. with the potential to write on Love, Life, etc…

but instead (no… im not dodging it… ) I shall make a few lists here.

List of what to list…
Current Favs.
Current not Favs
Projects that i need to do over the break..
Christmas shopping list… outside of family.

Current Favs.
– the song “Over You” by Daughtry
– the fact that yesterday was a good ol’fashioned ‘winds’day.. yay poohbear
– my friends. always a fav.
– my lava lamp : )
– also getting back into Aqualung… diggin it.
– getting to go home and see people for thanksgiving

Current Dislikes.
– Failing Latin (not hard to do…. )
– Behind in a few projects
– certian people will always bother me.
– “Before He Cheats” (cant remember who)  gives me a wierd feeling every time i hear it…
– pending hours long ride with mom and then with mom and meghan. and all shes gonna want to do is talk. I have nothing to say

Must do these things over break:
-Prepare Latin ‘Presentation’
– Finish ‘Macbeth’ project which includes numerous sketches and renderings of costumes and set.
– Finish/almost finish 10-12 page research paper on “Everyman”
– maybe get a scarf or 2 done.
– spend time chillin

Christmas shopping list… (not including fam)
Shay – dont know what to get her yet
Faith – kind of have a cute idea for her and jayde
Dani – not sure…
Jayde – similar to what i get faith
Mike- kinda have and idea.. but not 100% sold on that idea
-if time and $ work out then…..
HeatherD. kinda have something in the works already
Cliff… also have something kinda in the works

there are a few maybes… but im not gonna list them… done want them to get hopes up. might have a little something for them but idk if time or $ will allow for it

K is for

Killing time

dont feel like doing anything special for K. it was a tricky one to come up with a topic… so im just gonna do this instead.

“this” was a few surveys.. irrelavant…

J is for…

January… (june and july i suppose too…)

Jump… So there seems to be a JUMP in the views of my blog since i went public with my profile. I like it. But I’d like to know whos looking too… Hrm. I know the usuals… and those with subscriptions .. thank you my loyal readers : )

Jayde!!!. One of my 2 favorite little girls ever. Danielles daugher Jayde is so friggin cool. I love her to pieces. Shes all over my pics, in the album ‘the kids’. The other little one is Faith, who ive known her whole life. Shaylen’s little one. Love her to bits too. Im sure these girls will do great things in thier lives. Both posses alot of potential and talent. Faith can sing well and pick up songs and learn them easily. Im sure she will pick up an instrument or 2 as well. Jayde has got such a creative mind and is a very bright child. They are both beautiful children and will grow up to be amazing women, just like thier mamas!!

Scary, its just around the bend here… Birthday month… 23 for me… 15 for Andrew… 5 for Faith… I get to go to New York. I start what I hope to be my final college sememster. (at least for a long while….) Hopefully around this time will be finding where I want to go for the summer and then where to get a JOB…
This past summer ‘june and july’ brought about many changes and such in my life. It was a pivitol moment in my life and now I just have to move forward. Nothing terrible.. just realizing what some of the real world is like.

My middle name. I would feel incomplete without it. Im sure if it were different, i never would have known, but these days I prefer to have it associated with me. At least when it comes to close friends. When people I dont know that well call me by “amy jo” I feel more comfortable with them. Im sure its a subconscious psycological thing… and it makes sense. I always sign or write my name with the Jo..  but the funny part is, I really dont like saying it.. like, I dont introduce myself or refer to myself as amy jo. only if people notice it or other people call me it is when people pick up on it. That adds to the feeling of comfort with whoever is calling me ‘amy jo’. Because they are the sort of person who notices that sort of thing and cares enough to ask or whatnot what i would like to be called.

and thats my 2 (4?) cents for the day…

I is for…


just got the one for my new york visit!! im stoked!

Jan 8th: travel day …. get there and checked in by 4pm.
Theatre 1… Spring Awakening – Eugene O’Neill Theatre

Jan 9th; 10 am class
1230 lunch break
2pm Theatre2 The Homecoming – Cort Theatre
8pm Theatre3 Rock ‘n’ Roll – Jacobs Theatre

Jan 10th: 10am class
1230 lunch
2pm meet for subway to go to Lincoln Center, Library for the Performing Arts : exhibits : Verdi on Stage: photography by Graziella Vigo
Lincoln Kirstein: Alchemist.
8pm Theatre4 Young Frankenstien– Hilton Theatre

Jan 11th. 930 am gather for subway, 10am: Metropolitian Museum of Art
also suggested: Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum
The Frick Collection
8pm Theatre5 Fuerzabruta-Daryl Roth Theatre
10pm Empire State Building Observatory

Jan 12th: Free Day

Jan 13th. 1030 am Metropolitian Opera Backstage tour
3pm Theatre6 November Barrymore Theatre
7pm Theatre7
Come Back, Little Sheba – Biltmore Theatre

Jan 14th  1030 am Museum of Modern Art (MOMA)
630 pm Theatre8 Die Walkure Metropolitian Opera, Lincoln Center

Jan 15th: 930am NBC studio tour
7pm Theatre9 The MandrakeThe Pearl Theatre

Jan 16th:  10am Final Group meeting
2pm Theatre10
The 39 Steps American Airlines Theatre

Jan 17th: Travel Day Check out by 11am.

H is for…


check this out….


ok… seriously thats enough now…. grrrr…. time consumer…

G is for


It took me forever to figure out something for ‘g’ and then I realized not only is it haunting season… but Id like to go to one and sit and sketch for awhile.

Here in Iowa City there is a monument that has some lore around it. I dont think I believe in all of it.. but its still a cool story.

Black Angel

I plan on going sometime during the day… aannnddd… prolly will go by myself. I just gotta find the time.


F is for …

I cant decide on what to focus on for this blog, so I will choose 4 things.

But I will begin with a MUTE MATH blurb.

So I skipped my latin class to head out of town early to get home and headin outta town. I thought I had gotten adaquate directions… but apparently not. More on that momentarily. I got to Mikes and waited while Heather was gettin Demi from school and then gettin ready to go. We tried to convince Cliff to go (which shouldnt have been such a friggin difficult task… ahem) and eventually he agreed. I wasnt fond at all of the car ride discussions. Drove me nuts!! but im not going to get into all that now… or later. Anywho. we got to Chicagoland and turns out the directions … when i hit the round trip button… only got us into town and directly out of town.. not to the venue. Eventually we got it all figured out… much later than the start time of the concert… but it was still all good. None of us were particularly fond of the opening act. We had PERFECT timing. Got situated… waited a minimal time and then MUTE MATH! came on stage for a great awesome spectacular show. Mike and Cliff both put the show at the top of shows they have seen. and I was just all warm and fuzzy the whole time. Im sure Heather enjoyed it just as much. They played all the good songs and did lovely stunts. It was amazing. Fav. show so far. Then we managed to find our way out of town without getting (too) lost. There was more talk i didnt care to hear about from the peanut gallery… and then i crashed (sleep) after dropping everyone off. Thats the short of the story.

Moving on.

F is for… Four.

First… Focus.
I started this blog a few days ago and managed to make it disappear and i dont remember exactly what I was saying. But I will try. I dont know if i feel like going all into things right now.. and im not completely content with things right now… but like i said i will try. Anyways… yes.. focus. Im finding that is what I am lacking. I cant seem to focus on school, or homework. Im easily distraced. I have focus that is often misplaced and ultimately causes dismay or even more stress then necessary. But I am really trying. Im trying to keep my eye on the prize (graduation… personal growth yada yada).. but i also employ the “live for the day”, “Carpe Diem” “day by day” sort of philosophy. So. im stuck. But im trying. What more can one ask for. (do or do not, there is no try)

This is a tough one. Im struggling with things left and right with everyone. Nothing too serious often, but enough that it bothers me. I am relatively happy with my relationships with meghan and andrew. Could be better. Parents are also issues as usual. And then there are the half siblings that i just dont know how to ‘be’ with.
Also.. there are moments when i try to think of my future and my ‘family’ then. Of course its cloudy… but there are infinate possibilities… but im afraid of never achieving anything but the single life. I really dont know if there is anyone out there who would want to be with me that isnt desparate or just in it for fun. Granted, fun is fun. but damn… that is not the way to live life. anyways…. digging out of hole now…. moving on.

I love my true friends sooooo much it hurts. I dont know what to think sometimes. I have such capacity to love and appreciate everything everyone brings to my life. There are those i cannot imagine never having known and will be (as far as im concerned) a part of my life… and there are those who are just moments in time. Unfortunately you dont know which is which until time progresses. But with this pure and often naieve expression of mine… that allows me to be hurt, very badly and very easily. I dont know if any of them really understand this. I dont even really understand it. thats just the way my mind and chemicals in my body work. I am often very dependant on friends for my own happiness. And this isnt just a new thing. It started up in milwaukee. Alot of it might just be the whole “outta sight outta mind” mindset that these people might have… but it DRIVES ME BATTY because I think of them all the time. well.. not all of the time… but there isnt a day when i dont think of somebody. What hurts the most are the ones that I felt i was pretty darn close to, but only to leave and have them not keep in touch regardless of my attempts. I guess there are a few contacts here and there.. but compared to what there was… its like quitting a person cold turkey. It sucks, especially when there are more than one person who treats me like this over a series of years… but im working on it. It sucks too when you try to be a friend and go out of your way to be nice to someone and all you get is walked on. Used. and treated like less than a friend. I really hope i am able to talk about this to the person. but. idk. dosent seem like its worth it… since they obviously couldnt care any less about how i feel about things. whatev.

And Finally… Faith.
Kinda something i have been struggling with lately. I really want that sense of community. that security of a higher power. but there are sooooooooo many things that distract me from that. Everytime I go to church (its been awhile) i cannot see anything but hypocracy. All i want to do i cry. I question so many things and my concept of the universe and afterlife(or not) and when i think of it all… its just so overwhelming, i dont know what to do.

Im kinda done with this post now… but there are so many aspects of each word mentioned here that i could continue discussing… but i will spare you all the trouble of my emotional rants….

luv yas.
Amy Jo

She shall be the namesake of my future daughter… and he will be the celebrity love of my life. Which will be overcome the day I get to work with him and we are aquaintences.   Hey, a girl can dream.

takin a moment to say thanks to those keepin up with these posts… ‘preciate it.

D is for

As tempting as it is to do D as drugs, depression, dammit, death, dark, downpour, determent, dragons, drinking.. etc….

I WILL refrain and not do anything to make my ‘good’ day any less.

So… D is for Dreams.

Which is fitting, seeing as it is kind of a namesake of my own choosing. That in itself makes me think a little bit too. Maybe ive got my head in the clouds too much. I really dont think that it should be wrong to be too positive or too optimistic. I try… althought people keep telling me (ahem, CLIFF) that I seem to turn everything into something depressing.  My friends before this summer would probably say differently. But people change.

Anywho… on to the whole ‘dream’ thing.

I think for this week I will put some of my dreams up. Earlier in the week my horoscope mentioned that i should look to my dreams for guidance… so its fitting. I will make an edit each day to this post to update if i can (remember the dreams that is…)

Monday… I can remember everything as i did when i woke up… but there was a sense of waiting (as a group) and being paired up each with some important connection to eachother. We were outside (idk who ‘we’ is) and at some point someone noticed something that might be a clue or piece to a puzzle … when looking to the right, there was a spiderweb/leaf arrangement that held water (kinda like stained glass) and to the left, there was a mirror image of this arrangement, but on the side of a wall or something either made out of glass or actually of a mirror. It was a really pretty sight… it was slightly circlish and was about 12-15in diameter.     at some other point in the night there were university scenes… indoors and outdoors… but that is even more vague than this other one.

Tuesday… cant remember for the life of me….

Wenesday: ok, there were 2 parts… but im not sure which was first… i was somewhere doing something with a group of people that i dont know.. then we began to disband. I was then arrested or in the presence of officers. i dont know what we were doing.. but at some point there was something to do with taxes and money.

At another point i was walking around a big city (chicago? nyc?) but it was the neighborhood part, kind of on a hill where on could look off and see the big city. I think it was here where i was enroute to a party…..

Mike+Cliffs kegger. the place looked a little different than cliffs, (outside) and when i got there there was like, a mini keg and people from my latin class… and they were talking about how it was only 4$ and that they should have gotten the bigger one. They decided to go get the big one. Apparently by this time i had gotten drunk. I was laying on the ground looking at the stars. I saw soooooooo many shooting starts and eventually a whole bunch just looked like a swarm of bugs or something. and THEN… there was something that was supposed to resemble a constallation, but it was more like a cartoon in the sky, of a turkey holding a gun. then aaron showed up (which is cool since he wouldnt be able to in real life). he said something to me and then i got up cuz i got a phone call from my dad and i went alongside of the house. there i found myself pretty much in a slightly comprimising situation with someone while i was on the phone… but the person was not someone id ever do nething with nor he with me.(in the dream it was fairly innocent stuff tho) i heard some ruckus coming from inside and then things kinda fizzled into being awake. strange part is… i never saw anyone who would really be at the party in the dream. no mike or cliff… none of the girls. just random faces or ones that i knew, but knew wouldnt be there.

Thursday AM:

Ok… this one was cool. there were bits and pieces that i vaguely remember but not enought to tell… but at one point, my sister was outside using this big machine that looked like a loom. But upon closer inspection it was kindof like a multi strand spinnig machine. and there were skiens of lovely yarn that were being made. and then i had her pick some out for me to make her a scarf with. it was pink and white. but only cuz that had the most there.

There was something that i remembered clear as day when i just woke up … but now… its gone . . . . : (


Well. there was a bit of content that im not really willing to share… but lets just say it was the furthest id ever gone in a dream. there was another girl in on it too. wavy blonde. The guy was mid to late 30s. he was defiantely cheating on his other… who was no older than the 2 of us. and then before we were caught, i was in the bathroom (/porch?!?) and the guy from Lost was outside with his fam? (Hurley?) wierd. Before this encounter… i was going to the bar… idk if it was with the normal intent as usual (aka ususal friends) but when i got there my dad and uncle were there and maybe a few other ppl i knew… BUT on the outside… right before i actually went it… i passed Sabrina. She looked distraught. Then i was inside sitting at a table and it looked as if she was having an arguement with her mom . when they were done she scooted right behind her mother and came and sat with me. she became like a child and i was comforting her.. was strange seeing as this was to be at a bar…

Hrm. well thats it for the week. wasnt that fun.!?

C is for…..


I had the hardest time coming up with a good C word and then after finding a new crafty thing to do (squee!!) it hit me like woah.

First of all… I crochet… thats crafty… and another C word…  But i think that i will ALWAYS be influenced by craft. of any sort really. It is also very closely related to the art world. So .. it is fitting.

I got an email the other day from the place (White Rabbit) that i consigned some of my crochet work to… (i only sold 2, but i brought stuff in at an odd time) and they were personally asking me if i had stuff to bring in. That was defianately a bit of an ego boost. So… when i go home, im going to grab some of the stuff from last time, but in the mean time, im workin on some new stuff.. ive got the most recent 3 hats… and the scarves im workin on are knit so it takes longer to finish those… not to mention that ive got numerous gift pieces that im working on too… including blankets that have been in the works since forever. (if i want one  for any kid of mine in the future, i suppose i should start now lol … might take years before i get it done lol ).

Apart from that… I learned the simple art (via template … thus hesitation at the word ‘art’) of making envelopes. I have a few penpals that may get the opportunity to enjoy the unique experience… but otherwise they are just fun to make 🙂

And then contemplation on the influence of “Craft” in the rest of my life…  well. Theatre is full of crafts of many many varieties and purposes. Acting, Directing, Designing, Constructing….. all a craft in thier own way. I am very happy with my choice in life and look forward to all the ‘stuff’ i will be able to get my hands wet with. Each sector has people dedicated to the craft of creation…. be it a character, a set, the mood… its amazing. And theres an art to bringing it all together. I cannot wait to be apart of it all… more so than i am today…

B is for…

Bella Luna

Beautiful Moon.

So for the past many days…. i have been waking up somewhere between 4 and 430 am…  dont know why.  But tonight I have an excuse where i dont mind. Full Moon is here again ….

I noticed the way the light hit everything in my room and took a peak out my window and there it was shining brightly. I LOVE THE MOON. I cannot wait until the ground is covered with snow and the moon light its reflected in the night!


Seeing as it is 4:37 in the morning and i have class in a few hours… i should get back to sleep.


A is for …

Altruism :

  1. Unselfish concern for the welfare of others; selflessness.
  2. Zoology Instinctive cooperative behavior that is detrimental to the individual but contributes to the survival of the species.

I have been pondering blogging in such a manner for a little while now… ( a is for … b is for… etc … ) and today I felt the urge to do it. While driving home from work I tried to think of what to start with. I didnt want to start with something stupid like … “Amy” … so the first thing that came to mind was the word altruism.  I didnt know exactly what it meant, but I knew enough to know that it is definately related to myself.

I believe that in many ways I incorporate this way of thinking and acting into what I do. The part of the definition where it says “detrimental to the individual” kinda scares me tho…  I believe the word has a naive connotation with it… which coincides with my rediculously optimistic (well… when trying to make others happy… ) outlook..  I genuinely care about everyones well being and happiness. Believe me or not.

A is also for Autumn!!! Leaves changing colors and falling all around : ) that and snow falling are my favorite seasonal signals….. LOVE IT.


Thats from 2 falls ago.. but its still got that excitement of the seasonal change…


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