Posted: September 20, 2008 in Uncategorized

Wow. I dont really even know where to start.

I have jumped in head first out here in Milwaukee. I have the full time job as a photographer for Lifetouch School Photography Studios (benefits and bonus incentives included lol) That is going great, I love it and am doing well, even got recruited for the candids section of the company…. BUT. That only really goes to about christmas and then we start up again in about Feb. So I started looking for a second little job. And I found one. One that Im actually terrified to do, but it will force me out of this shell ive made. Its Telemarketing, but, it is for the Milwaukee Rep Theatre, offering subscription packages to people who have had business with the Rep in the past 18 months. I will surrounded by theatre people, talking to theatre people… I think thats a good way to go.

Thats not where it ends either. Job number 3:  in the works yet, but I would be a manager of sorts for a company called KidStage, and I would start up as many Milwaukee based classes (daycare, k-12, senior citizens) that run from 4-8 weeks centered around theatre. I would be the one hiring. I would be the top of the local pyramid. I would be the boss. How awesome is that… how great will this look on my theatre resume? Im excited to see how this pans out. As terrified I am to go into foreign territory, Its about the art, its about sharing it, and its about the kids and making a difference in someone’s world.

All of these things have done wonders for my confidence… seriously… the things I have people telling me every now and then is sooo cool to hear. Ive been told that people are hearing good things about me at the photo job, and these new people hiring me say wonderful things about what they get from my resume and from their first impressions. If they see it, so will others.

Im on my way baby.

And… a friend of mine is going to get my foot in the door at a theatre group he works/plays for.  That would have to be voluenteer time, but Im looking forward to what that brings as well.

Next big thing is my weekend home. Not sure what that will bring, but i think im switching cars… bringing alot of stuff home…. (here) and seeing whoever i can. with all this work coming up im not sure exactly how or when the next time im around will be. idk even about holidays, as meghan only has the day of off, so if its not a weekend, then its pretty much a bust for her. And im not going to just leave her here alone on a holiday…. an average weekend, maybe, but not a holiday when you are supposed to be with ‘family’

So. Wish me luck in my work ventures…

ALSO… hope that my new printer/scanner works out. first problem was that it didnt come with the “included” ink cartriges, second is that it froze up on install the first time around… : /

If you havent checked out Pretty.Odd. by Panic at the Disco… well.    you should.   Im really really diggin it…. have been for the past month or so.   And thats it. have a lovely evening… welcome to the fall.


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