A week in the life. Day One

Posted: October 7, 2008 in Uncategorized

A week in the life. Day One

Monday. About as exciting as it can get. Work on mondays is usually ok, as a weekend of rest gives me extra energy. But this weekend had a bit more going on. So… the day drags on. Im only halfway through it and ready for bed.

I wake up around 445, actually get out of bed by 505. And try to hit the road by 530. Im going (as google maps tells me) 51 minutes away. Kewaskum Wisconsin. Retakes at a middle school. Not exactly the best of days, but I got all set up in under an hour. and got done a half an hour early. So.. its all good.

Couple pictures from my not so good camera. The drive home today… drove by the miller stadium, then by the Brewery, and then by work. Oh! And Welcome Fall!!! Thats an old picture of a tree in Eagle Point, but yeah… theres plenty out there…

Im off to go to lunch with Megan. We are going to go to Noodles and Company.

Then I have a meeting at 3 at work, hopefully i finally will have some pictures on the board. There are winners and prizes for those who get voted for. Since I havent worked there for very long, my pics are just now getting up there to be voted on. Ill update yall about that later.

Then its time to go to work at the Rep. ( Milwaukee Rep. Theatre). Telemarketing is sooooo (not) fun. But im doing well.

Im working on making a costume or whatever for Halloween. Im very amatuer when it comes to sewing, but we’ll see how things turn out.

Today I have felt nothing but frustration and mild anger. There is no particular STRONG source.. but yet, as usual, many little sources. Im not going into detail..but im constantly amazed at how much certian people (numerous people) can affect how I am. Sometimes I wish that I could just move on and exist as if I never knew or never shared experiences with some of these people. But in all honesty, I know that I cannot, and that these people and experiences have formed who I am. I just get nostalgic sometimes. Especially out here on my own. With out the friends of my choosing by my side. Alot of these people take up soooo much room in my heart (or whatever you wanna call it) that to ‘erase’ or move on from them and those times would leave me feeling extremely empty. Being here without them too leaves an echo in there sometimes.  And that is why dealing with them and the few instances that I may get to see them and trying to add as many times to that as i can (because half or more of any plans will not happen) gets me so wriled up and touchy.  And thats how i feel today.

Heres hoping for a better tomorrow.

PS… Meghan is moving in on friday!!!!!
shooot .
that means i gotta clean more… gah.


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