Week in the Life Day 2

Posted: October 8, 2008 in Uncategorized

Week in the Life Day 2

So. Turns out I won a peer vote for one of my pictures, and now that is being sent up the ladder for further consideration in contesting. 😀

Today I went to Racine. Had a busy k-5 school. Done by noon. Came home. Watched Heroes! Showered. Listed some things on Etsy!!!! (wish me luck) and Then im off to work again tonight. Last night I sold a subscription! yay.

Hula hooped a little. I dont have enough space to do that here without hitting something! Lol. I need to get movin on some crochet stuff too. I wanna STOCK my etsy store UP.Im currently working on a childs dress (maybe 2yrs old).  And as usual…. MULTIPLE scarves. Id like to get a blanket finished here soon too, so I can list it and get it moving. Im about halfway through 2 of em. But I think Ive got one in mind for me. OH and I have to finish Kellys Blanket for Hunter. Sheesh. I dont have a good on time track record for blankets..

well Im off to work.

And im back…. with a little bit of a photo tour or whatchamacallit

Ok. First up. My walk from my car to my second job at the Milwaukee Rep. Theatre. Crossing the bridge amidst the buildings that make up the milwaukee skyline. Over the milwaukee river as well. Note in the picture of a chinese resturant the figure of a man. That is the infamous ‘Fonz’ statue. RANDOM location if you ask me.
Then once inside the rep, I go in an elevator. exciting. Behind me as i wait, is the sign for the ‘way out’. Fun.

There is a blurry picture of the corridor that leads to the cubicle area (yes… corridor, not hallway). Then Ive got some view from my desk, and of course self imposed pics.

Then we have the view of my door. Creepy lighting and rain and horrid camera make for quite the unsettling shot.but its all good. And finally we have my door. Home sweet apartment number 3.

And with that I say good night.

ive had the most random song in my head alot lately.

“no sugar tonight in my coffee, no sugar tonight in my tea”

(in the transfer from myspace to here i lost the pics)


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