A week in the life, day three

Posted: October 9, 2008 in Uncategorized

A week in the life, day three

I went to bed too late last night and had a hard time getting myself going this morning. I went to a local school, so it wasnt too bad. But once I was allllll set up i had to move up to a stage.Oh well. The lady there was really nice and helpful to us.
I really felt sick today after ‘lunch’ : frozen twix icecream bar and cheese curds and soda. EW. still feeling sick. Came home and went to sleep! only for an hour tho.

Tonight Im going over to … Someones house with Heather and Jason to watch… dundundunnnn : Battlestar Galactica. GoMe. Its actually pretty fun.

I neeeeed to get stuff done around here before people come around! This place is definately … well… lived in.

After Battlestar im just coming home and going to sleep. I kind of get to sleep in tomorrow. AND i get a paycheck tomorrow! But i have to send that one home due to no bank here that can deal with it.

I have to get to the store tomorrow too. Need… one birthday present. One piece to a costume.

ahh. i need to leave like, five minutes ago…


no pics today


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