Week in the life day 4

Posted: October 10, 2008 in Uncategorized

week in the life day 4

No pics today…

woke up.
went to the school.
took seven or so pics for retakes.
left the school.
went to culvers
went back to the office.
left office.
Went home.
cleaned house like a rockstar.
kept working on my ‘costume’
went to work 2.
got my pay check yo.
sold a 203 dollar dealio
came home.
put up shower curtian after taking old one down.
Talked to meghan.
phone died.
cut more pieces for costume and pinned skirt part together.
im going to clean off my bed (books, papers yarn etc…)
Get in bed.


side note from yesterday.
While I was at burger king (random departure from mcds… but they have dr pepper, so i may go there instead now) the gal who was workin the drive through (and apparently every other part of the place poor thing) said to me when i got up to the window… ” oh my you have such pretty blue eyes”   a random act of kindness that will stick with me for awhile.  Everybody likes to hear nice things, especially when its a stranger that is noticing something good about you. I challange you to compliment (genuinely) someone ( preferrable a stranger) this week…  maybe it will come around to you someday and you will know what i mean.

Im kinda really excited for six flags.

no lie.

i just wish more people would get in on it.

but theres nothin i can do about that being out here.

ok.. off to dreamland. (love that place!)

oh btw check out…

face clues


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