End of a Year

Posted: January 1, 2009 in life

What a year.

Turned 23.
Sold items successfully at a shop in Iowa City.
Graduated University of Iowa.
Avoided IC flooding.
Numerous numerous personal issues…
Moved home… lived without a room.
Got a job in milwaukee on my own… moved out there and worked 40+ hours some weeks, got a second job to supplement that… got a third eventually… and now im down to 5 hrs a week?
Applied for unemployment and was denied.
Applied for food stamps… still working on that one…
My sister moved in with me and is doing very well at Aveda.
Went to 6 flags and experienced that as an adult on all the grown up rides for the first time.. dressed as a clown in an outfit i made myself.
Had the car i was driving broken into right out front from my apartment.
Won photography contests within work. Prizes included
Sold plasma. almost passed out.
Loved fall out boy, panic at the disco and mute math. Love my friends and family.
A family friend passed away.
Got mixed up in a family dispute, but LOVE love love the kids involved… such a sad story.
Saw sad things happen to good people.
Stopped counting……
I let go.
And held tighter…
laughed and cried harder than ever.
(and that was ON the pills that helped even things out…lol)
Still havent finished my journal…
Moms in the hospital… and things feel like they will never be the same again.
At the end of this year… all i feel is lost.
My hope for the new year is to find a feeling of security, stability and home.

Goodbye 2008.


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