My Babette Blanket!

Posted: April 4, 2009 in Craft, life
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Hey all! I just finished the first 50 2round squares of the Babette Blanket by Kathy Merrick.  This one if going to be for Andrew for graduation.  Maybe earlier if I get done earlier. Maybe it will make up for being so late on Meghans… : /  ah well.

Progress on Andrews Blanket

Meghans Blanket Completed 2008

Other than crafty news, I am heading up to Green Bay this weekend to partake in a ‘girls night’ of sorts. Unfortunately I cannot really afford to go all out for this one. I will barely make it up there as it is. Just almost made rent this month and bills. sigh. Someday I will get ahead. In the meantime, I just work my hardest and give whatever it is that I do my best.  Speaking of…. I applied at a Kite Concession  shop today. THAT would be the most bizarre and exciting job ever. Its on Lakefront Milwaukee, in Veternas Park. Ohhh I just hope I can get it! Especially if I can hold on to JCP + if the Telemarketing for the Rep comes up again. I can handle 3 part time jobs. 🙂 The thought of all that makes me beam from the inside out.

Im also considering (long term mind you) working up an original pattern that could potentially be an entry into a state (Iowa) fair. Im not sure what I would do, or how to go about it. But I have my sources. I would LOVE to just finish something so awesome.

Well thats about it for now.  I have numerous Knit and crochet projects going… far too many (wait… you can never have too many!) . My self and a couple friends are looking into getting into the craft fair circut. Hopefully I will be updating with news about that.


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