Today is such a Beautiful day!!!

Posted: April 24, 2009 in Craft, life
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Im sitting in my room, all 3 windows open. It is WARM!!! this is soooo exciting. I love it. It is about darn time too.  I should have gone outside to play today, but I had things to do. I just finished getting all pretty for my first dance of the season. Apparently I am going to be a photographer rather than assistant/keychain photog. tonight. Im nervous.. but it will be ok. Its a girl scout dance… slightly less pressure than a prom. That will be tomorrow.

Cliffs hat
Cliffs hat

Im working on this AWESOME… awesome hat. Im pretty sure this one is for Sadia. I love it. to pieces….  its almost just like her daddy’s hat.

In other new… I got ahold of Summerfest people and they said that I was sent something on Monday and I was asked to work for them.  Im sooooooo excited! There are some nice perks that come with the job too… Like… all access for the most part. Im just Stoked to have this job. I will be outside, among people, within all that energy for 11 days. AND if that goes alright, they ask you back for the other summer festivals. EEEEK!!!

Sadi's HatSadi’s Hat

Im going to take a moment to express my love for the Ravelry website. I lOOOOOVE it! I have found soooo many patterns and such and my inspiration keeps growing. Speaking of things knitty and inspiration.. Im trying to come up with something to get together by the fall. A large installation of sorts maybe… or collection of smaller items… Colin said he would like to work on this with me (to what extent, Im not sure…). But when I search the net for some fiber artist before me… I have a hard time finding much.  I want to do gallery work. Not necessarly a large blanket, or outfit. I want to do something bizarre, with a message… or something. Im not for sure. But I find it disheartening that I can find much within the genre.

Well. Im off to get the camera stuffs and pick up Meghan… and drop her off at work (yay) and then head to the dance.  I hope you are enjoying your beautiful day!!

~ Amy Jo


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