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Posted: May 1, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Happy first day of May! Nothing much around here going on. Just a few little changes here and there. First of all, my day job is pretty much done. Zip, zilch, nada hours. Only hours from Lifetouch are on the weekends should there be a prom. Then there is JCP. I ususally get 3-9 hours TOPS a week. Thankfully, the REP telemarketing is going to start up again and I will be doing that. But that isnt until about the 17th. AND….. Drumroll please…. I have been hired to work for summerfest and that will lead hopefully to working the other festivals over summer as well!!!! YAY! bring on the sunshine.

Faith on Easter

Faith on Easter

Dani and Jayde on Easter

Dani and Jayde on Easter

I just finally uploaded a few weeks worth of pics… not that many, but a few. Here are some from easter when I got to see Shay and Dani (and thier respective daughters…)I hadnt seen the girls in sooo long. It was nice to see them. I hope to see them again soon! Another little girl that Im missing muchly is Little Miss Emily.

A few weeks ago as well, I did the Gallery Night thing. Topher and Lauren being my primary visits… congrats to them!

Heather, Topher and Myself
Lauren at her gallery space

I’m still figuring out this whole… editing thing with the blog and all. Please forgive the strange layouts.

Lets see. What else. I have been drawn again back to Tarot. I have been looking into some of my past readings and contemplating doing some more.  All in part to finding a group on Ravelry that is not only a knitting group, but tarot as well. I’m looking into getting a new deck too. It is stunning. The Bohemian Gothic Tarot Card set

I am excited for what this change in months/seasons may bring. Im looking forward to a new pace with things involving work. Maybe I’ll get back into some photography again. I dont know. Maybe some theatre. This is my first summer where I am not really at home. First summer where I still have to work to pay rent. It will be a new experience. It might be tough… but I’m sure things will work themselves out just fine.

Till then.


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