The end of a chapter is now in sight.

Posted: May 18, 2009 in life
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Just as new beginnings are upon me! I’ve got Summerfest coming up soon and working at the Rep.  starts up momentarily. Just today during the ‘work performance’ meeting, I mentioned not coming back for the spring.  Art and Jen said it should be no problem to transfer over… so long as they are hiring. I really really hope it works out.  I have loved working with all of these guys, but I can’t work so hard only to just barely have enough to pay rent. So Im planning on heading back to Iowa and working there.  I would then be able to invest in myself.  If we get this house mom is talking about (98% secured) I would then have access to a 2+ car garage that was not meant for cars, as there is no driveway for it, as my studio space. I have been sooooo excited about this. AND… If its at all possible, there is the potential for a darkroom in the basement. It would probably only be prints, not negatives… but I think I could deal with that. I would love to get back into that. Not only would I have a studio, that could act as my ‘living’ space as well. Where I could go to hang with friends maybe get an acting group together… whatever! Im excited.

Now I just have to figure out what camera to get, because my lil’ point and shoot isnt going to cut it.  I think Im going to stick with Canon, as that is the brand and formatting that I am used to.  And I’m talking digital at this point. I have a Canon film camera, and it works just fine, I would use that should i get a darkroom. Also for personal shots.

I need to start talking to my friends who know business. I gotta figure out what I have to do, business wise, to do this freelancing stuff.  All and all I feel like things are just falling into place. ❤


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