A list of lists (with some pics to boot)

Posted: June 3, 2009 in life
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ok. so I have got quite a few things on my mind lately. Some I can talk about. Some that I cant. Alot of it has to deal with the future (technically isnt everything that isnt *right now* the future…) Anyways. The -post summer/post winter- future is that which I am talking about. The point in life in which I make that journey home after a year away off in the “Real World”.  Im looking forward to it. I have learned alot here. I have gain alot of insight and put some things into proper perspective. Big City living is nothin without your closest and best. Electronic communication just dosent cut it. Babies grow up to be 6 years old in no time. And if you arent there, they won’t remember you being there ever. As much as I dont want to believe is “out of sight out of mind” is true for some of my friend. One in particular… but I’m not going to get into that. The end of that story, played out like a Checkov drama… without the final climax… is finally over.  Im ready to write my own story. BUT to get there I will need to pull from some of my most invaluable resources. And. I have a lot of lists.

List 1. The list of lists.
1. Summer *should* do list
2. Fall/Winter *should* do list
3. YAY IM MOVING HOME what kinda party am I gonna have list.
4. I have a 2.5 car garage to call my own (well… part of it is storage…) What do I want to do with it… and how.
5. Wish List.

1. Summer Should Do List.
a.  Reduce “stuff” in apartment ( throw away, gift, etc.. means less to move when it comes time to move in august)
b. When I do have free time… MAKE stuff. Get prepped for craft fairs.
c. Use my sewing machine.
d. Finish a book or 2.
e. Super secret mission one.
f. Super secret mission two.
g. Have a party.

(ok. so that was just more rambling than I would have liked… but… I expect little from this summer other than working hard at SUMMERFEST)

2 Fall/Winter Should Do List.
a. Move.
b. Get by.
c. Go out on the town more as Meghan will finally be 21.
d. Craft Fair.
e. Be prepared to transfer back to Iowa within Lifetouch.
f. Good Camera???! Please??!
g. Be prepared for the move back home.
h. Move back home and then rock it like a hurricane.
i. Celebrate 25th bday in style.
j. Continued super secret missions.

3. Party!!
a. ok. not so much a list as a brainstorm. Too many occasions/reasons to party and methods to do so.
b. New years.
c. Birthday.
d. Homecoming.
e. out on the town.
f. @my new digs
g. the usual.
h. Meh. not really an issue.  I’ll figure it out later.

4. My New Digs.
a. Photo studio.
b. Gathering Space.
c. Artist Space.
d. What I need/want for the room.

  1. Lighting
  2. Backgrounds (can be easily thrifted) tyedye, cans, cds, old wood, you name it…
  3. Storage options. (plastic drawers, totes etc for props/equipment/materials)
  4. Technolgical hookups (wireless internet, music/atmospheric sounds etc…)
  5. Large area rugs and large pillows.
  6. Stereo system
  7. Projector.
  8. Grafitti wall.
  9. Table Space.
  10. Items from forthcoming wish list, especially anything musically inclined.
  11. Weights?
  12. Ping pong table would totally work in here… and we have one! woot. (ithink i just won)

a. I am lusting after a blue acoustic guitar.
b. and matching mandolin.
c. An awful looking aged piano would be magnificent not only for music making, but photography as well.
d. xylophone.
e. homemade thumb pianos.
f. Altoid tin guitars too.
g. hand drums.
h. any hand made instruments.
i. Digital SLR. (big one on the list…. big one…)
j. Computer programs for sound recording and possible mixing (although last on the list of wants kinda… this is more leisure than what i really do)
k. Doorbell that is hooked up to strung lights.
l. Darkroom system that actually works.
m. light equipment galore.
n. Clients.
o. printers to print my own digital prints.
p. might have to lock up and insure this shack in the back. (yard)
q. Tap shoes?

I think that is plenty for now. Its a good way for me to get it all out there and then have something to refrence to later. If you have any suggestions for any of the lists that you think I might be missing, let me know. (yarn is always on my wish list… no need to list it! lol)

I can’t wait to get home.

And now for some pics from when I did go home last….

Thats all my loves. Thanks for stopping by!


EDIT: after posting… I realized I forgot to mention the whole “what im really going to do while back in Iowa…” stuff. Ill get to that at a later date. Includes working at school with a teacher who meant alot to me doing the theatre thing. Close to muh heart that job will be ❤


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