Long time no see…

Posted: August 23, 2009 in life
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Hello out there to my far and few between readers. Its been awhile. In the past month there has been alot going on. And not so much internet access until today when I realized that the ethernet cable does indeed fit into that spot in the wall.

First of all. Mom, Andrew and Skylar came up to visit and we went and saw Panic At the Disco, Fall Out Boy and Blink 182. GREAT great concert. Ill update with a whole post of just pictures in a few days here.

Then. We had to move. Andrew and Skylar helped while they were here, but that was just a dent.  The week I went back to work at Lifetouch was the week we actually had to get out of the old place. So. pack, go down stairs, load, up 3 flights of stairs. Repeat. Dad and my Aunt Noreen came around to help with that. SO. Now we are in an apt closer to the Marquette area, one bedroom, but plenty of space. I had soooo much trouble getting the internet figured out and now I am afraid of getting a 99$ charge for an early termination fee for both the old place and this place because I didnt know we got it free here. Sigh.

So yeah, work has started back up again THANK God, and I am loving getting back into the swing of things.  AND loving the paycheck that I can actually spend on myself and misc. things because rent is taken care of. I got a GPS for work and travel in general, which is going to be lots of fun. I might consider dipping into the world of geocaching. Back to being back at work… Im loving being in more of a mentor position rather than the mentee. Theres a bunch of cool people around this time at work.

Thats about all there is really to catch up on. Lots of little things here and there.

Things I’m looking forward to: FALL!!! , Continuing Tony’s Senior Pics, This art piece im working on,  Going to the beach tomorrow, Going home in sept for a visit, visiting my cousin during is first few weeks away at school… and then some. OH and WILCO in Chicago in October!!!


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