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Posted: October 15, 2009 in life
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Alrighty. So… The above kind of sums up the end of summer…. Panic!/Fall Out Boy/ Blink 182 concert… Hanging at the Discovery Center with my bro and his gf … Hitting up a drawing class recently. I havent really felt like updating…

But alot has happened. This past week and upcoming week and all of october I guess are pretty busy. LOTS of fun stuff.

The girlies came up to see the Miley Cyrus concert. That was exciting and then while we were at the Pumpkin Patch… It snowed. WTF.

Also… I found a kite fest!!!

I am happy to say in full confidence… That I am completely over, done with and tired of a certian person from my past. It took awhile, but with a little help (unbeknownst to them… ) I pulled through. Not to say that I wont be his friend, but things… dynamics.. back home have changed, and I dont know how to approach that. People arent really spelling things out for him and he continues and dosent learn and change.

Moving on…

This weekend I am going to see WILCO with some pals in chicago. Stoked for that. Staying the night out there on sunday. Should be wicked awesome.

Just watched Adventureland.  Loved it. Its one of the only movies I can think of that is about college age/college grads (im sure there are plenty out there, but this one resonated with me). It was strange to see young folks at a bar.. as opposed to house parties … legally drinking.  I get tired of the high school party scene always showing up.  Not that its that big of an issue, but this had a real feel too it and I appreciated it.  Not to mention the rollover minutes kid. LOVE him.. too funny.

What else. Made some awesome knits recently… no pics right now… I cant find them : ( Ill work on that later. Um… I got my one year pin from Lifetouch ❤ woohoo! My sister graduated… double woohoo… I won a peoples choice contest with my pic! and. . . . . .  hair cut! hip hip horray. Oh Sister turned 21 as well sometime in there …

Now Im off to update “100 movies list” and “1001 things” list…

Amy Jo

ps. im missing YOU..


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