A Bohemian Storm Is Brewing….

Posted: January 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

So. It has been awhile. I haven’t written for some time for a number of reasons. First of all, my world kinda fell apart (in a minor way) and I had to move and quit my job and figure out something new all before Halloween. Then. I just didn’t feel like writing. Anything I would want to write about was not something I could share. And now, with the new year and with my birthday I feel that it is an appropriate time to ‘update’.

SO. After the amazing Wilco Concert (Aaron, Jess, Joe, Jade and Kate all came up to Chicago), my car (engine) broke and died. That meant that my sister and I had to move home. We got home on Halloween night. Which was a good time as well.

I got a job at the Portrait Studio in Wal-Mart and made buku bucks for the Holiday season, but now hours are slim to none. . . gotta get something to supplement until I can go back to lifetouch.

Being back is a strange thing. People are different now a days. The worst part of things is, and I dont hold it against anyone, but hanging out anymore with a certain grouping of people, EVERYONE is paired up! it drives me nuts! Mike proposed to Heather, which is wonderful and gives me the warm fuzzies!

The Holidays sucked. It was the worst holiday season ever. I just wasnt having any of it. Im glad its over and hopefully next winter will be more magical for me than this one. I don’t even know why I hated it this time.

My birthday celebrations were perfect. I dont even mind that Im 25. Except for one tiny snaffoo that makes me feel super dumb…  it was all good.

So now what.

There are things that have been going on in the background of my mind that I think Im going to just bury for the time being. Some of you know whats going on, but thats in the category of ‘not talking about it’. Especially here.  BUT its kind of a big deal.

And then theres that creative itch that keeps coming… or never leaves. I need to start creating more and with a greater quality.  Im not sure how to ignite that… but its coming, I know it is.

Then there is always my yarn. A couple things had to be put on standby, but im getting back on track. I have to finish a blanket for my first Nephew, Charlie! before getting started on anything else. And Jade’s Scarf too.

And finally, I have every Intention of traveling this year. I just have to. First on my list, Texas to visit my cousin Kate and her family. And while I’m there conveniently hop over to visit a new friend who is also in the area. And come winter time, I will apparently have a connection in San Diego, so why the heck not.  All I need is the funds to do so. . . .

So there it is.
Starting tomorrow, I think I will try to do a sketch/photoshop creation a day for a week. Hold me to it!

Much loves and thank you for reading.
IF you have any links that might fuel the creative spark, please feel free to share!!!

A to the Jo


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