June is bustin’ out all over…

Posted: June 16, 2011 in life

Title taken from a musical I was part of in middle school… Carousel. Sigh.

So. The little brother graduated high school. I am ALMOST done with his blanket (2 more rows of edging). I finally got Tony his blanket a year later. Hoping to bulk up my ‘finished item’ stash so when winter comes around Ill be ready to particiapte in shows and fairs.

Still working to get my photography stuff up and going. I just dont really have a good time for myself to do that.  And that is leading me to think sooooooo many “what ifs” and “I wonder whats”. Working in a yarn shop would be just delightful. I wish I could go full time with my photography as portrait and art. I wish I could find an apartment so I have mental and physical space to do the above.

The end of the 101 in 1000 days is coming near. I know I will not complete everything, but im looking forward to what little bit I can squeeze in.

Highlights from the past couple months : Jackson turned 1! Andrews Graduation was kind of a big deal. Saw My Chemical Romance for a second time! Purchased tix to see them a 3rd time!  Going to see Motley Crue and Poison in Aug!  My siblings and myself all got memorial tattoos on Feb 7th. Meghans is completely done, Andrew and I have coloring yet to do on ours. Dont know when Im going to be able to do that.

Thats about enough for today.


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