Spring Cleaning!

Posted: March 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

I am a little late getting this post up.. but better late than never!

I am going to work on a month long project for a spring cleaning sort of ‘event’. For every day in March, I will have a ‘Bag’ that I get rid of. Options include: Garbage. Recycle. Gifting. Donation. I want this to be fun and stress free… so I am not making hard and fast rules that I MUST abide by, but yet relaxed and open to interpretation.  It does not have to be an every day thing, as I am not always going to have time to do something every day, but so long as there are 31 bags of things that are no longer in my space at the end of the process I will have achieved my goal.

SO.  My first bag… well I took a phone picture and of course it is no longer saved. BUT I have pics of the contents all separate from each other.

12186_10101320326107839_1146696193_n 66928_10101294060399529_772321454_n 426156_10101297861641809_848677373_n 533143_10151256780976739_11230256_n

So I brought these finished products and Andrea’s Boppy in a big ole holiday target bag.  And with that, Bag #1 and 5 items done!

Then today I got ambitious and went through a tote:

2013-03-04_16-51-37_50 2013-03-04_18-12-26_843Before & After

And got rid of a BAG (#2) of Recyclables. 2013-03-04_19-38-47_979

I also found about 5 plastic bags of various sizes, Gallon or Sandwich. I emptied those and now I think I am going to use those as future bags for this challenge.


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