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Well. So, here we are, November 2012. Where has time gone?!

I am now living in Wisconsin. I am working with Lifetouch (and JCPennys Portraits) again and loving the day job. On the side I am working on my own photography and editing/printing/graphic skills.

Still always working on knitting and crocheting, but currently limiting my yarn intake, and not purchasing any additional unless it is part of a commissioned project!
Upcoming goals include preparing a physical portfolio for myself of printed work. I also hope to get some photography into ‘greeting card’ format to sell at craft fairs or what not.

I have begun a new 101 things to do in 1001 days 

Alright, now the fun part, here are some recently completed projects!

We have an Iowa Hawkeyes colored stocking cap, a T-Shirt Dress (for my niece Ellie), and a round ripple blanket for my new niece Lucy~

Thats all for now folks! Next time I hope to show what I created for my photography ‘branding’.

Have a great weekend!


Photo update…

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Alrighty. So… The above kind of sums up the end of summer…. Panic!/Fall Out Boy/ Blink 182 concert… Hanging at the Discovery Center with my bro and his gf … Hitting up a drawing class recently. I havent really felt like updating…

But alot has happened. This past week and upcoming week and all of october I guess are pretty busy. LOTS of fun stuff.

The girlies came up to see the Miley Cyrus concert. That was exciting and then while we were at the Pumpkin Patch… It snowed. WTF.

Also… I found a kite fest!!!

I am happy to say in full confidence… That I am completely over, done with and tired of a certian person from my past. It took awhile, but with a little help (unbeknownst to them… ) I pulled through. Not to say that I wont be his friend, but things… dynamics.. back home have changed, and I dont know how to approach that. People arent really spelling things out for him and he continues and dosent learn and change.

Moving on…

This weekend I am going to see WILCO with some pals in chicago. Stoked for that. Staying the night out there on sunday. Should be wicked awesome.

Just watched Adventureland.  Loved it. Its one of the only movies I can think of that is about college age/college grads (im sure there are plenty out there, but this one resonated with me). It was strange to see young folks at a bar.. as opposed to house parties … legally drinking.  I get tired of the high school party scene always showing up.  Not that its that big of an issue, but this had a real feel too it and I appreciated it.  Not to mention the rollover minutes kid. LOVE him.. too funny.

What else. Made some awesome knits recently… no pics right now… I cant find them : ( Ill work on that later. Um… I got my one year pin from Lifetouch ❤ woohoo! My sister graduated… double woohoo… I won a peoples choice contest with my pic! and. . . . . .  hair cut! hip hip horray. Oh Sister turned 21 as well sometime in there …

Now Im off to update “100 movies list” and “1001 things” list…

Amy Jo

ps. im missing YOU..

ok. so I have got quite a few things on my mind lately. Some I can talk about. Some that I cant. Alot of it has to deal with the future (technically isnt everything that isnt *right now* the future…) Anyways. The -post summer/post winter- future is that which I am talking about. The point in life in which I make that journey home after a year away off in the “Real World”.  Im looking forward to it. I have learned alot here. I have gain alot of insight and put some things into proper perspective. Big City living is nothin without your closest and best. Electronic communication just dosent cut it. Babies grow up to be 6 years old in no time. And if you arent there, they won’t remember you being there ever. As much as I dont want to believe is “out of sight out of mind” is true for some of my friend. One in particular… but I’m not going to get into that. The end of that story, played out like a Checkov drama… without the final climax… is finally over.  Im ready to write my own story. BUT to get there I will need to pull from some of my most invaluable resources. And. I have a lot of lists.

List 1. The list of lists.
1. Summer *should* do list
2. Fall/Winter *should* do list
3. YAY IM MOVING HOME what kinda party am I gonna have list.
4. I have a 2.5 car garage to call my own (well… part of it is storage…) What do I want to do with it… and how.
5. Wish List.

1. Summer Should Do List.
a.  Reduce “stuff” in apartment ( throw away, gift, etc.. means less to move when it comes time to move in august)
b. When I do have free time… MAKE stuff. Get prepped for craft fairs.
c. Use my sewing machine.
d. Finish a book or 2.
e. Super secret mission one.
f. Super secret mission two.
g. Have a party.

(ok. so that was just more rambling than I would have liked… but… I expect little from this summer other than working hard at SUMMERFEST)

2 Fall/Winter Should Do List.
a. Move.
b. Get by.
c. Go out on the town more as Meghan will finally be 21.
d. Craft Fair.
e. Be prepared to transfer back to Iowa within Lifetouch.
f. Good Camera???! Please??!
g. Be prepared for the move back home.
h. Move back home and then rock it like a hurricane.
i. Celebrate 25th bday in style.
j. Continued super secret missions.

3. Party!!
a. ok. not so much a list as a brainstorm. Too many occasions/reasons to party and methods to do so.
b. New years.
c. Birthday.
d. Homecoming.
e. out on the town.
f. @my new digs
g. the usual.
h. Meh. not really an issue.  I’ll figure it out later.

4. My New Digs.
a. Photo studio.
b. Gathering Space.
c. Artist Space.
d. What I need/want for the room.

  1. Lighting
  2. Backgrounds (can be easily thrifted) tyedye, cans, cds, old wood, you name it…
  3. Storage options. (plastic drawers, totes etc for props/equipment/materials)
  4. Technolgical hookups (wireless internet, music/atmospheric sounds etc…)
  5. Large area rugs and large pillows.
  6. Stereo system
  7. Projector.
  8. Grafitti wall.
  9. Table Space.
  10. Items from forthcoming wish list, especially anything musically inclined.
  11. Weights?
  12. Ping pong table would totally work in here… and we have one! woot. (ithink i just won)

a. I am lusting after a blue acoustic guitar.
b. and matching mandolin.
c. An awful looking aged piano would be magnificent not only for music making, but photography as well.
d. xylophone.
e. homemade thumb pianos.
f. Altoid tin guitars too.
g. hand drums.
h. any hand made instruments.
i. Digital SLR. (big one on the list…. big one…)
j. Computer programs for sound recording and possible mixing (although last on the list of wants kinda… this is more leisure than what i really do)
k. Doorbell that is hooked up to strung lights.
l. Darkroom system that actually works.
m. light equipment galore.
n. Clients.
o. printers to print my own digital prints.
p. might have to lock up and insure this shack in the back. (yard)
q. Tap shoes?

I think that is plenty for now. Its a good way for me to get it all out there and then have something to refrence to later. If you have any suggestions for any of the lists that you think I might be missing, let me know. (yarn is always on my wish list… no need to list it! lol)

I can’t wait to get home.

And now for some pics from when I did go home last….

Thats all my loves. Thanks for stopping by!


EDIT: after posting… I realized I forgot to mention the whole “what im really going to do while back in Iowa…” stuff. Ill get to that at a later date. Includes working at school with a teacher who meant alot to me doing the theatre thing. Close to muh heart that job will be ❤

Just as new beginnings are upon me! I’ve got Summerfest coming up soon and working at the Rep.  starts up momentarily. Just today during the ‘work performance’ meeting, I mentioned not coming back for the spring.  Art and Jen said it should be no problem to transfer over… so long as they are hiring. I really really hope it works out.  I have loved working with all of these guys, but I can’t work so hard only to just barely have enough to pay rent. So Im planning on heading back to Iowa and working there.  I would then be able to invest in myself.  If we get this house mom is talking about (98% secured) I would then have access to a 2+ car garage that was not meant for cars, as there is no driveway for it, as my studio space. I have been sooooo excited about this. AND… If its at all possible, there is the potential for a darkroom in the basement. It would probably only be prints, not negatives… but I think I could deal with that. I would love to get back into that. Not only would I have a studio, that could act as my ‘living’ space as well. Where I could go to hang with friends maybe get an acting group together… whatever! Im excited.

Now I just have to figure out what camera to get, because my lil’ point and shoot isnt going to cut it.  I think Im going to stick with Canon, as that is the brand and formatting that I am used to.  And I’m talking digital at this point. I have a Canon film camera, and it works just fine, I would use that should i get a darkroom. Also for personal shots.

I need to start talking to my friends who know business. I gotta figure out what I have to do, business wise, to do this freelancing stuff.  All and all I feel like things are just falling into place. ❤

101 in 1001

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101 in 1001… almost day zero (orig. written for an end date of nov 11th 2011) Started Feb 13th, 2009


The Mission:

Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:

Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result
that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be
realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my

Why 1001 Days?

Many people have created lists in the past – frequently simple goals
such as New Year’s resolutions. The key to beating procrastination is
to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days (about 2.75 years) is a
better period of time than a year, because it allows you several
seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organising and
timing some tasks such as overseas trips or outdoor activities.

Some common goal setting tips:

1. Be decisive. Know exactly what you want, why you want it, and how you plan to achieve it.

2. Stay Focussed. Any goal requires sustained focus from beginning to end. Constantly evaluate your progress.

3. Welcome Failure. Frequently, very little is learned from a venture
that did not experience failure in some form. Failure presents the
opportunity to learn and makes the success more worthy.

4. Write down your goals. It clarifies your thinking and reinforces your commitment.

5. Keep your goals in sight. Review them frequently, and ensure that they are always at the forefront of your thinking.

Once you have created your site, you can add it to the master listhere at Day Zero.

Here is my list. I will start on friday… Making it Feb. 13, 2009 and ending on Naov 11, 2011 (11-11-11).

1. Finish Blankets : Hunter Andrew, Jayde, Dani, Shay . Hunters is finished!! Just in time for christmas 2010 Andrews finished 6/16/2011
2. Finish Scrap Blankets ( 1/4) first one went to Stephen for Graduation 2/4 Tony’s graduation blanket
3. Finish MY Scarf that grows up into a blanket by making many many homespun scarves. I dont seem to know where its hiding.
4. Keep my plants alive.
5. Make a list of places I want to go and then visit at least one. Dont think I made a list, but Planning on going to Reno in July
6. Participate in something like the 365 project (a picture a day)
7. Karaoke in Milwaukee
8. Spend some time hanging out on the lakefront beaches or rocks. (5) It keeps happening. I dont think this will be a problem!
9. Get my friends from Iowa to get thier butts up here at least 2x. (1- aaron joe jess and jade were in town and hung out at the zoo, Dani Shay and the girls came up for Miley Cyrus concert/2)
10. Donate scarves (scrap blankets?) to a shelter.
11. Do something with the millions of plastic bags just hanging out in my cupboard. (3/21/09, Large Tote)(small tote)
12. Start up a rainy account or whatever that is… and put 5$ for each completed task.(0/505)
13. 10 photobooth pictures, with different people. (1/10)

Me and Andrew

Me and Andrew

14.Visit Green Bay 4-4-09
15 Visit Madison  09-06-09
16.Visit Chicago  10-18/19-09  Wilco
17. Watch 100 new to me movies (39/100)
18. Improve sewing skillz. (Learned how to hem pants -3-22-09) (3-29-09- im a monkey tote)
19. Get involved in Theatre again. Telemarketing at the Rep. dosent count.
20. Get a fancy camera. Purchaced with my tax return in feb or march
21. Get rid of 100 things. Not trash. (12/100)
22. Start putting stuff up on ShutterStock
23. Learn to cable knit.
24. Learn French.
25. Get a tattoo, either the personal one that I have worked up, or the “let it be” one that I have in mind.All three of us got memorial tattoos for our mother on feb 7th
26. Thrift shop. (woot, 13c records which i will melt into bowls)(Halloween costume for 5$)
27. Update Resume.
28. Make a Portfolio of my work.
29. Continue to win peoples choice contests at work ( 2 to complete task) (1/2) edited to update -event no longer occurs. But I just won one the other day… so there!!!
30. Read 10 books. (1/10)
31. Make Christmas stockings for at moms. supplies purchaced, started one…. Mom passed away, so this goal is postponed… altered… might not happen, especially as written 😦    </3
32. Teach mom to knit or crochet. she dosent want to… Cant really do that anymore anyways…
33. Be more comfortable as a photographer at JCPennys. May not get the chance at pennys, but in general I feel as If I am falling into that title very nicely. Hired at the PictureMe Portrait studio… same thing only different….
34. Pick up a new hobby. Pool
35. Start a new Journal/Sketchbook. I have been making little 2×3 books that i carry around with me.
36. Road trip with no plan.
37. Be able to get my own GOOD car/van/truck
38. Be well on my way to living in a space in which I can have an office/studio Moms new house will have just the space for a studio. I am verry excited. Not gonna happen at moms…  I have enough $ for a downpayment on a house!!! But my credit is so darn bad I wont get approved!
39. Be a vegatarian for a month, 3x. (0/3)
40. Reduce and phase out soda as primary source of liquid intake. Starting March 1st. exceptions would be mixed drinks and treats are allowed. (March 1-31. no soda. sips here and there rarely.) woot. 2-1-11 Cant remember the last time I really had soda, Its been almost a month without dark soda and a couple weeks without any~
41. Send the Little ones postcards (Faith, Jayde… ect… Emily once she understands what it is)
42. Go camping for real.
43. Let myself let go of certian things in the past that I can’t do anything about. And learn to move forward. (4-1-09) working on getting rid of my myspace acct. I did get rid of myspace. I feel SOOO much better. I got rid of the guy as well! lol. Dang it he keeps popping up… : ( Moved on… woohoo…

44. Use my Yoga DVD that I only used once sometime last year.
45. Go ghost hunting.
46. Go to KiteFest and fly an awesome kite. missed it. Dont think I will have a chance again. Might just plan my own kite fest for back in iowa! AHHH I found one, it was beautiful. Sept 13th
47. Go to a figure drawing session. Hey… I did this last tuesday!
48. Spin my own yarn.
49. Experiment in yarn choices… branch out to the pricy stuff. Bought pricy stuff… now just to work with it!
50. Update my computing. I want a mic,  a sound mixer and a video editing suite. (got a mic)
51. Make/get business cards. Got em in June!
52. Leave notes in random books. Bookstore or library.
53. Have enough work in either photography or fiber work to have a gallery show.
54. Learn to ‘at home’ screen print.
55. Get back into a darkroom.
56. Do some origami. (0/10)
57. Go to the Domes in Milwaukee.
58. Go the the Milwaukee County Zoo. (5-10-09 with aaron and crew) (5$)
59. minus 10
60. minus 20
61. minus 30
62. minus 40.
63. minus 50.
64.  2 craft fairs (2/2) I wasnt personally there for both of them due to the day job, but my aunt and friend sold on my behalf at 2 different fairs
65. If the stuff dosen’t sell after the second fair, donate it!
66. Get a passport. (not without a reason…)
67. Work at SummerFest (any of the summer festivals) Applied 2-23-09 to work the festival grounds…. eep!) 4-10-09 Have an interview for upcoming monday!!! Interview was successful… I hadnt heard from them so I gave them a call today ((4-24-09) and they said that the letters were sent out on monday and that I was asked to work for them… If I dont have that letter by monday I should call and we will go from there. They didnt have my apt # on file… that might have been the issue. Paperwork is all signed…. Looking now for the orientation information.  All that I have left is to actually work it. Lets just hope they dont cancel it due to Swine Flu. That would suck! Orientated… start June 24th!Completed! It was alot of work.
68. Update my licence and plates to WI. (nah. No thanks…)
69. Try Skittles infused Vodka.
70. Host a theme party.
71. Get a manicure. Got one at aveda awhile ago.
72. Work at gettin the hula hoop down. (up?)
73. Do the photoshoot that Dani wanted me to take of her.
74. See Fall Out Boy in May …(2-27-09.. fob in mke is sold out) and then at least one other concert (2/2) Didnt see them in may, but i will see them in AUG!!!!! with panic at the disco and blink 182 Saw them!!! it was awesome!!! Wilco in oct!
75. Get some magnetic poetry. Meghan got some, but i will supplement that sometime..
76. Take the train somewhere.
77. Check out the Kettle Moraine area, camera in hand, in the fall.
78. Make a thumb piano.
79. Tarot more than once a year. Check!
80. Make 10 mixed cds for 10 different people (1/10) (any takers?) Heather
81. Make sidetables out of ‘vintage’ suitcases. Bought a suitcase
82. Put a funky color (blue?!) in my hair. (Complete!!! Blonde, then Purple and then Blue!!! ) 5$ and pink
83. Get a Blender (got one!)
84. Send random care/gift packages to friends/family (0/5)
85. Do something with all the beads that I have.  Gave them to Skylar
86. Go on a picnic. Went with jack and emily mini picknic at eagle point ❤ 
87. Arrange for the recycling thing at my apt. Moved, dont need to
88. Collect my change in my jar and when it is full, put into special ‘rainy day’ acct. Collecting! in a HUGE jar that my Grandpa Jack used to put the wine he made into
89. Go to a pumpkin patch. kinda did… but didnt look at pumpkins….
90. Play in the rain.
91. Clean/ organize room as many times as needed. (1)
92. Make 4 scarves for the Knit your Bit campaign. (0/4)
93. Improve Juggling ability.
94.Read 5 books from the Banned list. (0/5)
95. Finish moms shawl for mothers day. (Didnt finish for mothers day, but we werent home for mothers day… we will celebrate it at the end of may and I will have it done by then… ) ( meh… 2.50)
96. Go to a game of a relative (soccer, football, little league…) My cousins Michael and Ethan had a game I went to this past weekend (7-10-09)
97. Create and share 10 playlists that express certian emotions. (0/10)
98. Get a new purse. Got 2, one from target, and one from a thrift store
99. Get a psychic reading. (not going by myself tho…)
100. Make a true blue new friend.  …. stephanie, Jade and Jessica are getting up there <3, KENZIE!!! 
101. Make a new list for the next 1001 days.

alrighty. thats it. wish me luck.

days one and two

So already I have to kind of edit one of my numbers…
29. Continue to win peoples choice contests at work ( 2 to complete task) (1/2)
We are no longer doing peoples choice incentives, so now I just have to excel in other ways. Im already on my way. I have been selected (although not first pick) to be one of the ones that takes on extra work in learning the special set that is done for high schoolers in march. YAY.

100 movies list.

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short list of my potential must see 100 movies.


Modern Times (starring Charlie Chaplin)
All About Eve
Some Like it Hot
The Graduate
American Grafitti
A Clockwork Orange
The Jerk (as recommended by Cliff and Mike)
Slumdog Millionaire
The Reader
Angels and Demons (woot Ewan McGregor!)

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Sherlock Holmes (yay Jude Law!)
Billy Elliot
Magical Mystery Tour
The Omen
Detroit Rock City
Coraline (thanks diana)

The Runaways
Alice in Wonderland

thats all that I have for now. I will welcome suggestions, but alot of my problem has been that I have seen alot of the movies I come upon, or Im just not interested. But.. bring it on!

THE LIST OF 100 New to me movies that I have seen
1. High School Musical 3
2. He’s Just not that into you
3. What Happens In Vegas.
4. Georgia Rule
5. Class (Rob Lowe)
6. The Machinist
7. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2
8. City of Lost Children  (AMAZING!!! love it)
9. August Rush
10. Stardust
11. Push
12. The Changeling
13. Rachel Getting Married
14. Number 23
15. The Omen
16. Houndog
17. Caprica
18. Brazil (t’was bizarre for sure)
19. Underworld: Rise of the Lycans
20. Gothic
21. Center Stage
22. Knowing
23. Angels and Demons
24. Chocolat (mmm yummy johnny depp)
25. Starsky and Hutch
26.*I knew I would forget one….* space holder for when I remember… New in Town
27. X-men Origins- Wolverine
28. Incendiary
29. Pineapple Express
30. But I’m A Cheerleader
31. Rape of Europa (documentary of WW2 era aka Hitlers .. theft of art)
32. The Reader
33. Valkyrie
34. Ice Age 3
35. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.
36. The Ugly Truth
37. Coraline
38. Brideshed Revisited
39. Let the right one in
40. Adventureland
41. New Moon
42. My Sisters Keeper
43.  Star Trek
44. (500)Days of Summer
45. Aimee & Jaguar
46. Curious George
47. The Hangover
48. Fame
49. The Lovely Bones
50. The Proposal
51.  Sherlock Holmes
52. Moon
53. S.Darko
54. Nine
55. The Nines
56. 9
57.Alice in Wonderland
58. Avatar
59.  The Runaways
60. Dispicable Me
61. Shutter Island
62.  Twilight: Eclipse
63. Inception
64. Kick Ass
65. Ghostwriter
66. Sherrybaby
67. Flyboys
68. Tart
69. I Love You Phillip Morris
70. Eat Pray Love
71. Chronicles of Narnia.. (on a boat)
72. Tangled
73. Cherie
74: Pirates 4
75: Twelve
76: Plan B
77: Burlesque
78: The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus
79: Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Imporium